Assemble-able Wall Art

You know how they say everything is a superlative in Dubai?   When I was there several years ago I came across the work of a young artist called Halum.  He was using the most interesting techniques with fabric and size and pigments to create hangings and installations of incredible intricacy and beauty.  But they were seriously expensive, and I suspect that even in Dubai sales were pretty few and far between.

Looking around the gallery it seemed he had come up with an ingenious alternative – assemble-able wall art of small representative pieces.  Just too small, and simple, to be bought singly, or even as a pair, the magic combinations – three, five, six, nine, ten …  thirty-two – must have seemed like gold.

Unfortunately I couldn’t muster the cash for that either, but I will always remember the hangings, in particular – exquisite.  I hope his ingenious scheme provided – continues to provide – the funds to enable him to continue experimenting and creating.

A collection of 32 of Halum’s squares, what I’m calling “Blue and Orange, Red and Green” is my entry into Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge for this week – Contrasting Colours.

20 thoughts on “Assemble-able Wall Art

    • I do wish I could do something like that – having said that, I’ve never tried – my drawing and perspective was so abysmal at school, I never took up a paint brush again. Perhaps that’s something else to look forward to trying when I go home!

    • It was quite electrifying – no, that’s too startling … it was invigorating 🙂 I’d really like to have a room with nothing in it but white walls and an array of those pieces, and just a simple sofa and a couple of very comfy chairs … bliss 🙂

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