Twenty Years of Watching the Weather …

I’ve posted before about The Knuckles – my favourite spot in Sri Lanka – about those rugged and masculine mountains, and the precipitous ledge that turns an expanse of sky into a cineplex widescreen showing daily features of molten sunrise.  I’ve also taken you on a riotous three-wheeler trip up through Corbett’s Gap and down to the ancient village of Meemure, carved out of the forests at the foot of the pyramidal Lakagala mountain.   So we can’t go there again.

I have another favourite place, or rather a road trip, from Galle to Ratnapura.   I call it the Garden of Eden Route, and in the past I have taken any quasi excuse to travel along it, or part of it, for its exciting, physically and visually, and screams to me “Sri Lanka”.  Sadly, the prints I have must have been left in the sun  …  so I can’t take you there, just yet (though you can be sure I will somehow travel that road one final time before I leave, a digital camera in each hand!).

If it’s not my favourite spot, why am I responding to Jake’s challenge by writing about Unawatuna Beach?  Because its full of memories – twenty years of memories of watching the water and the weather from a little hotel perched on the rocks at the other end of the bay.  It’s a spot I have shared with almost all the important people who’ve ever been in my life.  And it’s the spot my darling friends Mo and A took me to celebrate my last Sri Lankan birthday, just the other day.  What a gift that was!

September.   It’s not “the season” – not beach season – at Unawatuna, but along with May, it’s my favourite season to be there.

Come, I’ll show you what I mean about an off-season day at Unawatuna:

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53 thoughts on “Twenty Years of Watching the Weather …

  1. What a precious place Unawatuna Beach is for you to have shared with so many people who are close to you. And now you have shared it with those of us a little further away 🙂

    Lovely photos, as always, Meredith 🙂

    • It’s just one of those places, Marianne. Not the most beautiful beach in the world, not even the most beautiful beach in Sri Lanka, but it’s been at the centre of my life, off and on, for a couple of decades.

      Glad you enjoyed the waves and the weather 🙂

  2. Your prose is so visual you could have omitted the pictures and I’d see them just the same. Your gift for bringing the world alive is truly remarkable!

  3. I understand that feeling …I also have one place I consider it is MY place, my Ithaca…
    So, I consider it was a great idea to bring you there to celebrate your last birthday in the country…
    (BTW: Happy birthday!!!)

  4. What a lovely spot! It is like a bit of fantasy, different every time you blink. Thanks for taking me there.

  5. Gorgeous! How is the water? I see one surfer in your photos… but no one else is swimming, etc. Is it cold? Lots of undertow? I’m curious.

    Happy Sri Lankan birthday!

    • Different to our beaches, eh? As I said, it’s not “the season”, so not many ‘foreigners’ in attendance (and we were having lunch). Most local people will picnic in the shade and have a quick bathe before going home. Water temperature just the refreshing side of tepid – as always. 🙂

    • Yes. Even though it’s not where we came when I was a kid, like most people’s favourite spots, it has been the scene of some of my most important occasions, realisations, and, as I said, other than my father, I’ve shared it in one way or another with almost everyone I’ve ever loved 🙂

    • Water … I can never decide how I like it best, Ron. But I know one thing, after living here, in this little hotel perched above the rocks for three months, several years ago – I don’t want to live that close to the beach again. A lake, yes, or a river – but the salt on everything, and the relentlessness of the waves … I found that very unsettling after a while – which is strange, because a few days, even a week or two, at the beach is so relaxing, and a morning walk on the beach a must if possible …

      Yes, I’ll be close to the beach. In my dream world, I’ll find a cottage in the forest, with a stream, in the foothills about five miles inland from Maroochydore. There, universe, you’ve been warned – by late January, conjure me a vacancy!

    • I’m trying to work through the emotions of parting – I don’t want to be too sad to leave by the time I go 🙂

    • Wasn’t it the most wonderful present? I was absolutely bowled over. It’s one thing for a partner to take one away for a special weekend at the beach, but two friends … ? Just fabulous, I thought 🙂

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