“Mine” is a Matter of Perspective

The delayed WP Weekly Photo Challenge called for expressions of “Mine”.  It seems to me  “Mine” is a matter of perspective.

This is my morning idyll.  Unless it’s raining, I begin my day here, in my special spot, next to the Manel Bowl* on the balcony outside my bedroom – in my chair, with my tea, my book and iPad, my phone all to hand – and of course at least one of my girls for company.

But from Maggie’s perspective

I’ve got it all wrong!  She says it’s “my water bowl”

and definitely “my chair”, which she’ll guard jealously against invasion by either her human or her sister!

By the way, look what popped up for the photo shoot this morning!  After a month off, it looks as if the Manel might be once again in a blooming cycle.

Seems this post crosses challenges:  Jake’s “Favourite Spot” and the Weekly Photo
Challenge “Mine”.  Do pop across to see other entries.

50 thoughts on ““Mine” is a Matter of Perspective

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  4. I love how you approached the challenge from two perspectives! Your blog is always a winner from mine. 😉

  5. I really like your personal space (well, when your pooch lets you have the space!). Life is so rushed and busy, this seems to me to be time to stop and enjoy yourself.

    • I suppose when you’re working, you claim ‘space’ by taking an early morning run, or walking the dog. For me, living here in the tropics, the cool of the early morning is a special time, to be savoured along with the knowledge that I can linger, and not have to rush off to work, or match my needs with the timetables of others. It’s pure bliss – even more so because I share it with Maggie, or Miss, or Podi, or combinations thereof, or all three … 🙂

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  8. I love your morning spot and I did notice the new bloom 🙂
    Even from Maggie’s perspective, I still love the spot.
    I wish I could sit outside every morning, but I’d probably blow away…

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  13. It’s lovely to have a favoured spot. Your’s is particularly lovely. At our apartment we are a captive audience but at our house, the G.O has given up asking me where do you want to sit? He just heads for the corner of the front verandah 🙂

    • Ahhh – the front veranda sounds lovely, Ella – shame about the scarcity of choice in apartment living. I have to say i’m lapping up ‘my’ spot, knowing I’m against the clock here – another thing to be given up//// reconciled to 🙂

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