Repetition in Stone

There seems to be an ever-increasing number of photo challenges, all of them fun or challenging, or educational, or suiting our blog to a T.  Sometimes we can join them, sometimes we have to sit them out.

East of Malaga has a monthly challenge – very thoughtful – and what’s more, she challenges us to feature two blogs we follow and would recommend to our ‘friends’.  I like that approach – of course, wasn’t I flattered like a schoolgirl to have been chosen to be one of her two featured blogs last month?  Seriously, I think its a great idea, because it’s manageable.

I’d like to share with you the two blogs I follow religiously:

Kate Shrewsday enchants with her daily posts of the untold stories behind history, or about the antics of those around her – four or two-legged – as they go out and about in historic southern England.

The Urge to Wander says she only took up wandering later in life, but what wanderings she’s had, and how well she writes about the places she’s been, giving us the benefit of her designer’s eye to detail, and the most sumptuous photographs.

If you don’t know their work – I recommend you go, immediately, to check them out.

So – East of Malaga’s September challenge is Repetition.  I had planned to write a piece about the place of repetition in art and music – how repetition makes pattern and rhythm, it’s fascinating – but I’m off to Galle for the weekend, which means I’ve just about run out of September.

In lieu of an essay, here’s a small gallery featuring the use of repetition in some rituals and carving from the East.  I think you’d agree that – without repetition, each motif would be insignificant.

30 thoughts on “Repetition in Stone

  1. What a thoughtful entry to this month´s challenge on repetition. Of course, all of your photos are wonderful examples, Meredith, but my favourite is the one with the many garlands of flowers. How beautiful they are, and they make me wonder just how long it takes to make just one of those garlands.

    Like you, I love visiting Madhu´s blog at The Urge to Wander, but as I´m not familiar with Kate´s place, I´ll HOP over there, right away and introduce myself!

    Have a lovely weekend in Galle 🙂

    • I wish I’d had time to write more Marianne, but I did enjoy curating my little gallery of repetition around the temples! The flower garlands are wonderful, aren’t they, especially en masse like that! I couldn’t tell you exactly how long it takes to make one, but I know they’re making them all day, and that that their fingers, as they thread the flowers into the threads are too quick to discern the pattern of the movement 🙂

      Hope you enjoy Kate’s marvellous vignettes – as I said, hers is one of my ‘must read’ blogs!

  2. Love your repetition images. They’ll all good. I also love Madhu’s blog. I’ve been following her since I started blogging here. Kate Shrewsday can be really fascinating with all the facts she presents to us. Have a great trip this weekend. 🙂

  3. Oh my! I am flattered, not least to be clubbed with Kate! And delighted of course 😀 Thank you so much. And I hope you know the admiration is mutual 🙂
    Your selection of images for the ‘repetition’ challenge are beautiful and spot on. Love the symmetry of the Polonaruwa.

    • So much of the ancient art here was drawn straight from India – do you recall the use of these moonstone ‘doormats’ anywhere in your travels at home?

      Well, it’s true – even when I’m snowed under, if I get a chance to read, I’ll pop over to yours and Kate’s blogs before looking at my reader – and thank you 🙂

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