I am About to Tear Our Idyll Asunder

As I begin to resign myself to the move back to Australia, the welfare of my beloved Girls remains my major concern.

A very kind man has asked for photographs, so he can show them off to of his animal-loving friends in the hope one of them might immediately be smitten by the urge to adopt one, or both, or all of The Misses Kotte.  Please wish him luck – and if you live here in Sri Lanka, and feel the urge, please leave a note so I can get in touch with you.

You know they’re well brought up, speak English and a bit of Sinhala, are well-behaved – except, alas when it comes to protecting the house from invasion by the local Tomcat …

…  have had all their shots, and their little operation.  I can guarantee they will bring you nothing but joy if you were to adopt them into your family.

If you haven’t met The Misses Kotte before, let me introduce them to you:

Princess Podi

Little Miss

and Maggie

This’s not a time for subtlety – here’re some more recent shots.

Pass it on – but first, pop over to meet them properly!

57 thoughts on “I am About to Tear Our Idyll Asunder

  1. Oh this must be a terrible time for you. They look delightful – all 3. If I lived there, I’d have them share my space ina heartbeat! I hope they fnd somewhere all together becaue they are going to miss you too.
    Have you found somewhere in Oz?
    Thinking of you as I get ready to wander down to Hyde Park….
    Keira xx

    • I hope it’s a good sunset Keira, with a bit of a nip in the air!

      You’re right, they will miss me, but what they need most is love and attention, and it’s a big ask to find a family who can give that to three new animals all at once. I figure the dogs, particularly, can be won over by lots of walks, cuddles and the occasional bone. Podi, I don’t know how she’ll react – inscrutable, you know.

      Departure postponed till after the school holidays next summer because I’ve decided to go back to the Sunshine Coast where I spent ten years with Mum and Dad. I probably know nobody there anymore but at least I know my way around the place and know the climate will be relatively kind to this tropical bird 🙂

  2. If I lived there I would adopt these beautiful animals. I know you will be sad to say goodbye to them. I pray you find a loving home for them. Your pictures should go a long way in encouraging someone to take them home.


  3. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t possible to move pets from country to country. I guess I just thought of them as other family members. This seems too hard for someone to have to leave the country they love and leave their family behind. They look sad in the pictures like they know something is going on. I hope you find a loving home for them.

  4. I hope the girls find a home together — it will help their transition! It must be so hard for you to think about having to leave them. Hopefully you have plenty of time to find the right match! ~ Kat B.

    • They are divine, but Australian quarantine restrictions are too onerous Harry – six months quarantine in Singapore and a further month in Australia – the poor animals will be strangers when we eventually reunite. It is better for them to just move across town and into a loving family – they’ll miss me for a while, but they won’t be lonely and bored in cages for half a year.

  5. Heart wrenching decision to make. I hope you can keep them but if not, I am sure you will find a wonderful home for them. Our daughter and son-in-law had to decide whether to take their dog with them to live in the Dominican Republic…they decided to do it but not without some hassles.

    • Australia has the most stringent quarantine restrictions in the world, which is what makes relocating them nigh on impossible from a practical/humane viewpoint, not to mention the staggering financial cost! I think it is kinder in the end for me to find new homes for them and I’m so grateful for everyone’s good energy 🙂

  6. The furry-ones know more than we give them credit for. I believe, they, like all of us whether we realise it or not, know much of what is ahead of us. Your 3 chose to spend this time with you, and they also probably know what the next steps are. I do understand your sleepless nights though, their futures are a big responsibility. All will be well.

    • Oh, I hope you’re right Ella. I do think they know I’m strung out about something because they’ve been particularly solicitous of me the last few months! Roshan has sent the message forth, and I’ll just have to have faith in the universe … but in the meantime, thank you dear for your reassurance 🙂

    • JM, it’s a terrible conundrum! it is possible to import them into Australia, but the cost, in terms of stress on the animals and dollars from my pocket is prohibitive – 7 months residence in Government quarantine (6 in Singapore, and a further month in Australia) and around $5,000+ per animal in fees and transportation charges, plus handler’s fees! I can’t countenance them being locked up, in caged enclosures, without me, for seven months. It’s not fair!

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  8. thinking of you as you prepare to relocate, so sad to leave your girls behind, i amvisualising a happy home for them, so you can be happy too ….. wish we could fly home through Sri Lanka but we will enjoy some Singapore food instead 🙂

  9. Who could possibly resist the charm of these beauties? Am sure you will have good news to report soon and so many best wishes to you for the process.

    BTW, why am I so surprised at Australia’s stringent policy when you can’t even get a ham sandwich into the place without it being confiscated!

    • I’m sucking in all the good vibes, Patti – thank you for yours!

      I suppose we don’t think about it much, in most other countries of the world. I can remember, some years ago now, so I don’t know whether it’s still possible – a French woman I knew who brought her cats from Paris, and back, every year when she and her husband came for the winter – just like we would do, popping them in a cage at the airport when we arrive, and picking them up when we arrive.

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  11. Your girls are so adorable, I will be surprised if they don’t find suitable homes soon!
    Shall pass the word around through some of my daughters Sri Lankan friends.

    • If it were Australia or somewhere else in the ‘west’ I wouldn’t be concerned, Margaret. Here though, it’s a bit different.

      To start with, the majority of people are afraid of (some even abhor) dogs, and for most, owning an animal is a luxury. So the pool of potential doggy families is pretty small, especially for these ‘spoiled’ indoor girls. As a generalisation I’m guessing my targets will be people who’ve lived abroad, or have family who’ve lived abroad …

      Thank you for adding your positive vibe to our universe 🙂

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