… My Make-Up May Be Flaking …

…   The show must go on
The show must go on, yeah
Inside my heart is breaking
My make-up may be flaking
But my smile still stays on    …

Queen, Freddie Mercury, “The Show Must Go On”

But backstage, a swab from the medicine chest to arrest further make-up damage, the smile can come off until his next entrance …

A swipe to protect my young friend’s anonymity – backstage at the Victorian Arts Centre, where, no matter what, the show always went on – though I had to bring down the curtain  once, when the audio system ground to a halt.  Luckily, the bars were still stocked and the audience didn’t seem too averse to returning to the lobby for a while.  Within half an hour the Production team had rigged up a temporary substitute, and we began again, from the beginning.

The Show Must Go On – this week’s “Music in Pictures” Challenge from Autumn in Brugge.

10 thoughts on “… My Make-Up May Be Flaking …

    • It was a little more heart-pounding than that, Viv – a professional performance at the major theatre in Melbourne and for some reason it’s the Tour Manager’s responsibility to do that, not the Artistic Director, or the Production Manager who were both backstage, of course, while I was front of house, playing host to a bevy of sponsors and their clients!

  1. Great pick for the contest! And you have more likes than me…. grrr… just kidding! Anyway, thanks for joining, loved your post!

  2. That sounds stressful. But all is well that ends well 🙂
    Can you imagine, I sometimes actually miss the stress and high pressure that made me quit my job?

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