Touch it, feel it …

It seems I touch it, feel it, but don’t photograph it!  Why else would I have such a poor showing of textures (one of the senses I adore to explore, especially the bark of trees!).

So, from a lack of texture, The Greasy Pole Competition, through using changes in texture to make brass rubbings, the incredible skin of a couple of fruit, peeling birch bark and the old plank bench at the edge of the Fairy Forest just outside Turbenthal, a little gallery in response to Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week.

Go immediately to see Ailsa’s wondrous rocky Zion National Park shot, and other “Texture” entries.

27 thoughts on “Touch it, feel it …

    • It was a fascinating way to explore the countryside, and history. Margareth Cheney was in Heaver, where Anne Boleyn came from, so we got to double dip … and woke in the morning to a fairyland of white – it had snowed all night and we were captives in Heaver for an extra day, until the roads were cleared.

    • Extraordinary, aren’t they? In my mind they’re like giant pongy hand-grenades! The old plank bench is one of my favourite shots – S thought I was nuts, but it looks so beautiful to me, with its silvery patina and the feathery moss, brittle leaves …

  1. Great selection of texture here, Meredith. I´m hard pushed to choose my favourite when I hear such words as Fairy Forest, but it´s a toss-up between the two fruits, for me!

    Lovely photos 🙂

  2. The real test for texture for me is the feeling not the seeing… I’d like to run my hands over the peeling bark in the Fairy Forest, but for visual, the double durian packs a wallop, as well as for its smell 🙂

  3. Texture is one of my favourite thinks. So tactile. If you can “feel” the texture in a shot you know you have taken a wonderful photo. You have.

    • Thank you, and thanks for the feedback on the new theme. I’m pleased with it too, Elizabeth, though I would prefer a sort of contents display for the home page – but the photographs look good, and I prefer the larger, san serif typeface.

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