Despite Jake’s great teaser shots, I thought I’d sit this one out.  You’ve seen the best of my daybreak shots, and I never seem to have a camera around as I go about readying myself for the day.  Then I thought of other people’s mornings and how different our morning experiences can be.

On the Mekong, the Kong Island fishermen will be out on the river in their low-slung dugouts before first light.

And in a sheltered cove a little upstream, their sons might have organised a boat race.

A little later, but the morning air still chill and damp, women in towns and villages across the region will be setting up their stalls

At first they’ll be rugged up as though it was winter

and ladies will begin their marketing.

As the sun begins to shine on the market place, jackets will be opened at the neck.

Over on the other side of the world, the fishmongers of the Rialto will be unloading last night’s catch onto their gorgeously icy display trays

And by mid-morning, in Paris, we’ll think it’s about time for a pick-me-up of Tarte Tatin and coffee in a little place across from the Beaubourg.

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64 thoughts on “Mornings?

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    • Trishanka, i’m flattered and very grateful for your interest, but i don’t think i’m up for guesting and such these days – maybe next year when I’ve resettled back home and have time and the emotional energy?

      Thanks again for thinking of me.

  2. This is a wonderful post with a unique perspective on the theme. Just think about it. Everyone has a morning routine…all over the world…and they are all different. As I drink my ritual morning hot water and lemon I find myself wondering how everyone else is starting their day.
    My favourite shot is the 6th shot with the woman in the big hat and big smile. I love how the light is playing on her face.

  3. That was a nice little twist at the end, but a lovely story overall. This is such a nice way to tell a tale, or make story from the morning’s activities. It is exotic, in the light and colour, as well as the subjects. Thanks.

  4. I love your entry. Morning around the world. Great take on the challenge. Of course you couldn’t sit out. Just think what we would has missed. Always love your posts.


    • Glad you enjoyed it — it seemed the ideal time to show the diversity of our lives – not that there’s anything wrong with our lattes and spiced chais, hot lemon, or in my case these days, tea … 🙂

  5. Morning, the start of a new day, the chance to do things again or a new… I love your take on it, and these images, and would kill for a “coffee in a little place across from the Beaubourg”…

  6. Beautiful photos, and what a wonderful entry for the post “Morning”. With my WordPress friends in all different parts of the world, I sometimes wonder what they’re up to as I awake in the morning, knowing they are sound asleep, or getting ready for bed. I love your last photo.

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