Pilatus to Kriens, Far Below

One of the iconic mountains of Switzerland, Pilatus can be reached by cable car from Kriens, on the Luzern side, or by what’s billed as the world’s steepest cog railway, from the Interlaken side.  On this hazy day at the end of last summer, I peered through a ‘window’ in the tunnel around the summit area, down to Kriens, far below, and the dreamy Lake of Luzern and its floating mountains on the horizon.

I liked the way the overhanging rock above my ‘window’ framed the view below, drawing my eye to the town clinging to the lakeshore before the vista of the lake and mountains opened up beyond.

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54 thoughts on “Pilatus to Kriens, Far Below

    • 1974? I wonder if the old hotel was there still back then? There’s a sleek modern concrete and glass structure there now, of course, and it’s hard to imagine how it would have looked 100 and more years ago when the cog railway first took visitors up. But I loved the sense of continuity with the past that somehow still permeated the place. It was a wonderful day :).

    • Yes, I do too, Ella. Interesting though, last year, when I took my first gondola ride and shot from water level, I found I enjoyed that perspective a great deal and have found myself – while not lying down, exactly – shooting from ground level quite often. The pictures can be very interesting.

      But to look down from a mountain …

    • Wow – me too, last October! I’d have liked to go down the cable car to Kriens, but of course our car was down the other side and I didn’t like to ask my friend’s ever patient husband to drive around the mountain to find me on the other side!

    • i’m glad you like it. i took dozens, trying to capture that dreamy horizon, and Kriens clinging to the shore. Sometimes it’s incredibly difficult when you;re a visitor, and only have one opportunity to capture a place.

    • Thanks Madhu – it was a hazy/misty day in late Autumn, and sometimes the town and mountains were almost obscured from view, so i was overjoyed when I went back to this lookout point and to find the haze had lifted a just enough to make out the hills emerging from the blue horizon – a gift. 🙂

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