480 and the 94 Shades of Red

Ailsa sent out a Red Challenge this week – how could she!  It took me two months to choose a ‘red’ shot for the Capture the Colour competition, leaving 94 contenders in the red file – co-incidentally the same number of reds as in the Pantone colour chart.

How to whittle away at my memories of red to present a manageable gallery (you don’t think I’ll choose just one again, do you?).  Ok.  No flowers, fruit or markets (not even my favourite chilli posy), no autumn leaves, no sunsets.

What remains is an eclectic mix (some quite good, some a little funny, some poignant, others political), ranging from street numbers to baling machines, hats, headdresses (and a wedding dress), busses, boats and berries – I hope you’ll enjoy.

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64 thoughts on “480 and the 94 Shades of Red

    • They’re beautiful, aren’t they? Sri Lankan brides get to dress up to the nines twice – for the actual marriage, when they either choose the ‘westernised’ white wedding dress (some opting for a white sari and veil, which is gorgeous), or the traditional red sari, and again for the ‘coming home’, when she is welcomed into the groom’s family.

  1. It is tough to choose. They are all beautiful in their own way. They all are meaningful in their own way. Red is such a stimulating colour that each one has something to say to me. I think “Mahout’s Helper” is my choice.

  2. wowee!! that’s alot of red! and hard to choose a favorite. I absolutely love the one of the couple in fine garb. That dress is just sooooooo beautiful!! and you’ve give me an idea for an entry of my own using the gallery option. Thanks for a fabulous post and some inspiration!

    • That’s just wonderful! (And thanks for the pingback 🙂 )

      I couldn’t figure out which dress you and Maggie were talking about – the red one, I assume – the ‘coming home’ dress she wore a couple of days after the marriage ceremony when she’s welcomed into his family.

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    • I was surprised I had so many reds, Amy. I guess I’ve been subliminally latching onto the colour. I’m wondering whether it has anything to do with spending all this time in the ‘east’ where red is such an auspicious colour.

  4. Great collection of images – I like all of them. Bill Blass said it well “Red is the ultimate cure for sadness.” He had a few quotes, and apparently a great affection for the colour red 🙂

          • I always had pale blonde wanted strawberry blonde dyed it black not good but thought it would be good with Blue eyes how silly we are lol learn to love what we HAVE Now that I am old I have been letting my pretty blonde streaks darken some maybe I should just buy wigs 🙂 I was born with Carrot Orange hair Mom said lol I would have sent me back! lol then Bald for 2 years man I guess I have always had a battle I remember getting my Hummingbird Tattoo and gave the man a book to show him what they looked like I said NO RED lol he made it a Ruby Throat one 🙂 I am learning to throw some Red Beads into my mix as so many including my Mom adore RED lol

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    • It’s wonderful, isn’t it? It was part of a save the Sri Lanka Elephant campaign 15-20 years ago – it struck me then, and it always seems to send the alarm bells whenever I see the thumbnail in my files, so i was overjoyed to have an excuse to present it to the world.

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