Curves of All Shapes and Sizes

Perhaps because I’m lavishly curvaceous myself, curves have always been most appealing to me.

From the almost modern curves of the Winged Victory of Samothrace to the perfect sickled curves of a water buffalo’s horns, the great arc of Niagara’s Horseshoe Falls to the almost horseshoe sized fire pit I came across along the road to Anuradhapura, and a myriad natural and man-made curves in between, I’ve not been able to restrain myself from putting together a gallery  of some beautiful, whimsical or majestic curves I’ve captured during my travels.

Thank you Ailsa, for proposing Curves as this week’s Travel Challenge.

59 thoughts on “Curves of All Shapes and Sizes

  1. Your curves are great… I also have a few of my own. If I had to choose, and I will, to amuse myself, I like the Generalife Fountain, Granada – I love the repetition 🙂

    • Chenenceau Chateau is fantastic, isn’t it? To me, it’s one of the most romantic places I ever saw – to have imagined building that magnificent gallery out into the lake in the first place – and inside, black and white marble chessboard floor brilliant in the light of all those huge windows, tapestries on the walls – sooo easy to populate with ladies and knights, dressed a la Eleanor of Aquitaine, dancing and madrigals …

      But in the it’s the buffalo for me!

  2. Of course, with Niagara Falls Canada being my home town I am partial to that curve. My ultimate favourite curve is the curve of a beautiful neck. I have a couple of great pieces that feature that.

    • I agree, the curve of a young woman’s neck can be very beautiful. Have you posted your images, Michelle?

      I could never come to grips with what it must have been like to grow up in Niagara Falls – full of tourists and mists, and the roar … I’m so pleased to know the beauty of that curve is ingrained into your psyche 🙂 (For me, it’s that green as the water spills over the edge – indescribable, except as Niagara Green, and probably my favourite colour.)

  3. OOH. What a delicious new theme! It highlights your photos beautifully, I really like it. I’m far too curvaceous for my own good. Here in Jamaica, I love the curves of the Blue Mountains, near to Kingston…

    • Have you posted your Jamaican Blue Mountains, Petchary?

      ps – Glad to hear your comments on my theme change – was getting mightily sick of that yellowish background and I find I seem to be fidgeting for change in every facet of my life now the decision’s made!

  4. I´m fortunate enough to have seen many of your curvy places for myself, but if there is one for me to choose as my favourite, it has to be the first.

    The piece of art that immediately comes to mind if I was to ever consider becoming an international art thief – displaying my ill-gotten gains in a Thomas Crown-style mansion – would be the Winged Victory of Samothrace. This magnificent marble statue of the Greek goddess Nike, prominently displayed at the Louvre is one of the most celebrated sculptures in the world. There is something about the Winged Victory that really captures my imagination. She takes my breath away every time I´ve seen her. The power of the work is enhanced by the fact that her head and arms are missing, adding an ethereal quality that never fails to fill my eyes with tears, to be in the presence of such magnificence.

    Thank you for the wonderful reminder TWLG 🙂

    • Weird creatures, aren’t we? Curves vs string beans, curly hair vs, straight – never seem to be satisfied, do we? Ah well, I confess I’ve at last grown to accept the over-abundance of curves, and the straight hair – there’s just nothing I can do to change either to my satisfaction. Now, if only the stray greys would hasten so I can have a silver helmet, like my Papa!

        • While you were climbing mountains I’ve been thinking and have decided it’d be best to postpone departure till early next year. I’m not ready to leave here in the next month, and if I leave it till later I’ll be up against it if I don’t find a place to rent before things grind to a halt over the summer, so I’ll take the pressure off myself and go when school’s back and the real estate market isn’t asleep or in a pre-summer frenzy!!! Yes, it was unbearably sad, and I’m feeling like a prisoner who’s been given a reprieve 🙂

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