Reflections on Lac Bertrand

Reflections hold a special fascination for photographers, so when  Jake challenged us to post more reflections, I ran wild with the idea.  After some reflection though, I’ve decided to post just three scanned photographs of Lac Bertrand, in the Gatineau hills east of Ottawa, across the border into Quebec.

The ex-Mr. Wanderlustgene’s family had a cottage here, and, for many years, it was the destination of our wandering feet – providing a wonderland of nature’s beauty beyond anything I had ever known.  The opportunity to explore through the seasons – tiny Trilliums poking up through the leaf litter on the forest floor, the unabashed flamboyance of  Autumn, the vast silent blanket of winter (when I learned to ‘think light’ to overcome the absence of snow shoes) – was an unexpected delight – not to mention beaver dams, loons and the occasional elusive bear.

Despite the quality, I hope you enjoy this little gallery of three faces of Lac Bertrand (just click on an image to set it up).

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60 thoughts on “Reflections on Lac Bertrand

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    • The water was like glass – barely a ruffle of breeze, fish swimming deep, birds migrated already, beavers asleep … (well, not swimming around this part of the lake!) – I felt alone in the woods, like an early explorer. I loved it there.

  2. This reminds me (yet again) that I didn’t explore Canada nearly as much as I should have when I lived in the US midwest. Did you ever make it to Algonquin Provincial Park, northwest of Ottawa? Went on three unforgettable early summer canoeing trips there. The deer flies were merciless.

    • I used to think, the week after my birthday – the 23rd – was the time to start getting ready to make a dash over to Ottawa to visit R’s parents. It seemed like the most abundant of gifts. 🙂

      I hope you’ll find an excuse to post some this year, Lynne.

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  4. So nice to see some photos of my beloved Canada among your collection of the many places you have shared. It truly is a beautiful place…just a different beautiful from Sri Lanka.

    • It’s probably no secret that I’m not a great fan of ‘new world’ places, Jo, but that’s only a socio-political thing! Nature, and the land which these modern countries (including our own!) claim, is probably more thrilling than all the aeons of civilisation of the old worlds combined – and Canada, like the rest of the Americas, has more than its fair share. But plan your trip for the Fall – cliched but true, it’s breathtaking 🙂

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