A Pearl Floating in Azure Seas

A pearl floating in azure seas where ancient trade routes crossed, the island of Sri Lanka is blessed by two monsoons, great physical beauty and deep spirituality.

The challenge:  To find one photograph representative of the island nation of Sri Lanka.  Should it be of shimmering arid flatlands, or humid floodplains, of craggy black mountains or World Heritage primary growth forest?  Should it be of hillsides carpeted by manicured tea bushes, or of seas of vivid green paddy dotted by islands of coconut trees and red-roofed houses, of shady village lanes, or bustling city streets, of school children in their crisp white uniforms, or fishermen on stilts?  What about idyllic palm fringed beaches, or picturesque roadside kovils, gleaming new mosques?  Should I submit elephants at peraheras?

I’ve chosen the grove at Mihintale, where the timeless white dagabas speak volumes for the traditions that are guiding the country in its headlong race to catch up to its modern destiny, after thirty years of civil war.

This post is in response to the Picture The World competition, which James at PlusUltra nominated me for back in July.  You should have a look at the photographs that have been posted so far – phenomenal – especially as they’re displayed in all their HD glory.  Although anyone can join the fun, I nominated two inveterate travellers:  Megan, View From Dar  or now, The Longer Way Around , and Steve McDonald at Backpackology, somewhere in South Asia, to continue the challenge of filling the map with pictures.

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  1. Great choice and I can imagine how difficult it is to choose. When I last looked at that there wasn’t anything for Gibraltar, like you I thought about lots of options so in the end never bothered 😀

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