Unawatuna Sunsets

Sitting on the terrace of a little hotel at the end of Unawatuna Bay … a cold gin and tonic … gazing across the bay and out to sea …  a recipe for flights of fancy and vivid imaginings.  I’d like to share a selection with you  – they span about two decades, some scans of old prints (sorry) – otherwise, they need no further comment except to say “enjoy”.

This act of self-indulgence is in response to Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week – Sunsets.  There are some wonderful contributions – go take a look here.

61 thoughts on “Unawatuna Sunsets

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  2. Wow! … Sunsets are a subject I’ve had a few lucky flukes photographing but mostly It’s been more “miss”than “hit”. I never seem to capture the colours as intensely as they actually are. It’s an art form I see you have mastered over the years.

    • Oooooh – a Sweet Award – I do love something sweet! Thank you so much, NFT, I really appreciate your including my blog among your nominees. Bear with me while I catch up – but in the meantime I’ll certainly pop over and visit the other nominees sites to keep the introductions flowing. 🙂

      • Thanks and don’t forget never any pressure when it is from me 🙂

        It is all about checking someone’s site you may have seen 🙂 you need to check out the last award on my blog too I listed 40 of them

  3. So gorgeous!! Thank you for checking out my Mono Lake Pictorial Highlight–I’ll bet you liked the sunset one best, given this post of yours! 😉 How’s SE Asia treating you?

    –Love and Liberation–

    Jan @ TheRewildWest

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