Chicken Shop Sign

Just quickly, before the power goes off – the prettiest sign announcing a chicken shop I’ve ever seen:

Painted on the road, as we drove upward into a misty forest

I was with Mo, and we were lost – in the sense that we didn’t know where we were on the map, so I can’t tell you where this was – but this sign loomed up in front of us on the road and, there being not a soul about, we stopped and climbed up onto the roof of the car to get as much of it in the frame as we could.  The DEO of Kaikawa, Matale District (that’s just north of Kandy, beside the Knuckles) was an a bit of an innovator – this shot was taken, dunno, 15-20 years ago.

And “Now you can relax”

I had to walk back down the road a way to read it – when my legs could carry me that is.  I’d reached a little plateau after driving up one of those roads that’re so steep you can’t see what’s over the steering wheel – I don’t remember doing much breathing, either, till I pulled up at the ambalama (this is a modern version of an ancient Sri Lankan structure erected beside pathways where people could rest a while in the shade, have a wash, even stretch out for a nap – how civilised – before proceeding on one’s journey) – “now you can relax” indeed.  And, as it happened, it was Wesak, the festival of lights, and the village had installed this year’s prize-winning Wesak Lantern in the ambalama – here it is.

I’ll try to put together a more measured response to Ailsa’s “Signs” challenge till my battery runs out …

Sorry I haven’t been reading your posts, or answering your lovely comments – thank you so much, I do appreciate them, I can’t tell you how much.

34 thoughts on “Chicken Shop Sign

  1. “ambalama” … civilised brilliance! I think they should be mandatory in every country as they are a wonderful idea!
    Walkers, cyclists, tired motorists… could just come and refresh themselves and have a rest. Fabulous!

    • Yes – and such a good idea. I just loved that this civil servant had had it painted on this isolated road, way off the beaten path for most tourists. It reminded us that we were entering a special place, that hopefully, nowadays, will be frequented by hikers and other intrepid tourists.

  2. You know, whether I’m reading your posts, or reading your comments on my blog, I always, always learn something. This is fascinating. Never heard of a ambalama before. How civilized indeed. Love the chicken sign.

  3. Pretty chicken shop sign 🙂 Love the don’t take anything other than photographs. Perhaps we need ambalama’s on all roadsides to stop people napping behind the wheel…

    • Before i leave I should try to take shots of old/ancient ambalamas that are still standing – they’re very simple, and very beautiful – way more attractive than your typical pull over space 🙂

    • Wow – that’s very kind of you nutsfortreasure – thank you.

      I’m terribly behind on my acceptance speeches, but I’ll be sure to drop by and rummage around the other blogs – and yours! I’m way behind on everything, and these power cuts are making it even more difficult to catch up – bear with me 🙂

  4. I guess the power outages I heard about in India are affecting you too. Hopefully as we ease into September the heat dies down and India sorts out its power issues. I haven’t been on much either with being away for 2 weeks, then travelling back here (long way round) and back to work. I can’t beleive I am already back to work… summer went too fast.

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