Weekly Photo Challenge – Purple

A colour vested with so much meaning, majesty and mysticism, I thought I might opt for just a hint of a mirth this morning:  That’s Christine and her purple umbrella walking the causeway of the Khmer ruins of Wat Phu near Champasak, Lao.

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18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Purple

  1. Great purple entry 😀 Colours have intriguing energies. I seem to connect with purple, I have the same purple umbrella – it found me on a train, and orange, even thought I wear or have little furnishings of those colours they find their way into my life. Maybe it’s because I’m a Sagi 🙂

    • I love umbrellas that find us! I had one such from Notre Damme in Paris which travelled the world with me for years, eventually giving up the ghost in a terrible storm in Canada. I’ve given up buying new ones to replace it – they never stay with me for more than an outing or two:)

    • Yes, she does! I’d usually have waited to take the picture till someone like that had passed out of focus, but the umbrella was so gorgeous, and in keeping, that it had to become part of the composition.

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    • The setting is very fine, although the river’s changed course a bit, and it’s interesting to see a provincial Khmer temple, away from Angkor. Yes, we went from Pakse.

      Have you been studying up on the textiles in Lao? They’re better than in Cambodia (more authentic, more diverse styles, more vigorous a cottage industry – in fact I felt some of the pieces I saw were the only art being produced in the country – at the time, that was 2006).

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