The Floating Towers of Angkor Wat

Any excuse for more flowers – especially on a travel theme!

The five towers of Angkor Wat – lord of the skies and of the lily pond, placed just so …

The lilies were too photogenic not to get in a little closer

Or a closer still …

In case you hadn’t guessed, Ailsa’s travel challenge this week is Flowers.

39 thoughts on “The Floating Towers of Angkor Wat

  1. Your water lily images are always beautiful. The lillies seem fascinate us all. Maybe it’s because we aspire to be like them – no matter what, who or where we are, we can make the most of our environment and flower spectacularly 🙂

    • It was a special day, that. A dream come true, and even more beautiful and artistically inspirational than I had imagined. I could have spent the day in Angkor Wat alone, just looking at the bas relief carvings, let alone sitting by the lake, looking at the perfection of those towers, and their reflection among the lilies.

    • I was thrilled by the photo opportunity, I must admit, especially as it was quite late by the time I arrived at that point where I could see all the towers together, and the humidity made them all misty and indistinct – the reflection is a far better reminder!

    • It’s always a toss up for me whether it’s the grandeur of nature that knocks my sox off, or the works of ‘man’ …than I regard things of such perfection – conceived by a human and executed with such precision – there’s the added element of wonderment and awe at such vision and imagination.

    • I hava a real thing for water lilies, Maggie, but I particularly admire those cold climate varieties which manage to survive, and thrive, under such appalling conditions. What colour were they? Do you think they were wild, or had someone planted them?

      • My neighbor planted them. They were white and the first year there were only a few, but every year there were more and more. They completely disappeared in the winter. Then came back as pretty as ever in the summer…. I loved them!

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