Flowers for Tet

Ailsa at Where’s my Backpack has set “Flowers” as this week’s challenge.  I’ve posted a couple of these before but I think only two or three of you have seen them, so please indulge me, dear readers, as I expand on my little collection of the flower sellers of the Delta.

In the week before Tet, the floating markets along the Mekong were alive with more than the usual amount of colour, as the flower growers took over the most visible locations on the banks of the rivers and canals.  Most popular were the bright purple Bougainvillea, and for those with the money, a beautiful yellow flowering bonsai.

Check out the other entries – I’ve seen a couple of remarkable creations with flowers – amazing stuff.

31 thoughts on “Flowers for Tet

  1. What a beautiful glimpse into this corner of the world. Bougainvillea were common in Honduras while I was there, climbing over balconies along cinder-block walls. Seeing them always brings back memories. 🙂

  2. We have a whole bank of bougainvillea at the front of our house in Kingston. The more sun we get, the brighter it blazes! It’s very hardy in the hot weather. Lovely photos…I love the bonsai…

    • The bonsai was wonderful, wasn’t it? The bougainvillea here is marvellous too – from huge monsters clambering up through trees, to small six inch pots – wherever it gets a minimum eight hours sun a day, its gaiety seems to decorate even the most drab corners.

  3. You know what I love about this? That flowers are such an intrinsic part of life that the sellers go to all the trouble of getting them on the boats and making a life of it. Wonderful images.

  4. glad you posted them again, i missed these evocative images the first time …. not only the beauty of the flowers, the lives of the people on the boats, the sense of the river, but for me having been along the Mekong on a river boat it all comes alive! love the one of everyone relaxing on the boat, no stress there 🙂

    • You too, Christine? It’s a wonderful experience, isn’t it – just being with the river, and wandering around the villages along the shore – my four days came to an end way too quickly.

  5. Oh dear- I feel the need of an hour or two to meander the delta with you. I love this dipping into other cultures but I’m so ignorant- I don’t even know what Tet is! I shall sneak 5 Sunday morning minutes to find out.

    • The floating markets of the Mekong delta are extraordinary – everything from goldsmiths shops to hardware, fruit and vegetables, to flowers for Tet. It’s a necessary tradition in this water world, and absurdly picturesque 🙂

  6. Stunning, Wanderlust, I must experience this for myself sometime. Really lovely, thanks for letting me know this is out there, waiting for me! 🙂 😉

    • Flower boats, melon boats, boats selling everything a normal market would have on offer – but by boat, meeting at the confluences of the major rivers and canals, just like on land. The Delta is a real water world 🙂

  7. Gorgeous photos! This makes me regret my decision to cut out Vietnam from our itinerary for later this year. Hope to fit in some floating markets in Bangkok.

    • Oh dear, what a shame! You’ll just have to plan a boat down the Mekong and travel in Vietnam for another time. Vietnam is quite extraordinary. Beautiful, of course, but so full of history, and the people very discretely ‘Vietnamese’, with strong culture and traditions, and very artistic. Sure there was some derivative stuff about, but there’s a self belief, a self confidence to the artists that drew me into conversations that were impossible in Lao and Cambodia.

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