A Blooming Update

While I to work on our Sri Lankan feast, I wanted to show you what happened at the Manel bowl this morning.

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30 thoughts on “A Blooming Update

    • Obliging? You could put it that way, Ella! I’m so distraught that she’ll be leaving soon that I’m allowing her to insinuate herself into everything, I’m afraid.

      I’ve been amazed at how light sensitive the flower is – changing tone with the reflection from the sky – but no matter what changes happen with the petals, that yellow area, around the stamens, is always vibrant.

    • What I said about the yellow section remaining vivid was a bit simplistic – because I did notice that in the mature flower (at 3 days) with the ‘sex organs’ wide open, there is an extra depth of colour because of darker markings around the base which are not visible in the freshly opened flower.

      So, I guess in a way, it is lit up from within!

  1. The Manel is gorgeous. Love that first shot of Maggie sneaking a slurp from the Manel bowl 🙂 I would be distraught too. How soon is soon?

    • It was to be last weekend, but I made excuses, I wasn’t ready. Now the fellow’s gone out of town, so I’m not sure but hope it’ll be this weekend, I don’t want it to drag out, now. She’s picking something up – doesn’t want me out of her sight …

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoying it too! It seems to be the morning that I enjoy it most, opening the doors and seeing the flowers there. Though I must say I’m getting a little accustomed to two flowers, and two buds coming, now and it will be a bit of a downer when the plant stops flowering so profusely!

    • Oh, indeed i did, Cara! And now I’m becoming accustomed to seeing two beautiful smiling lilies on my balcony in the morning that I’ll feel bereft when the plant decides enough is enough!

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