As I sit, sipping my freshly made passion fruit juice, with just a hint of salt, to intensify its aromatic, sweet/sour flavour, I know it’s time to do a post about Sri Lankan food. I’m not ready, photographically, and it will take me several days to pull it together. In the meantime, I’d like to see if I can manage to reblog one of the first posts I put on my site – a description of the finest meal I’ve ever tasted.
In response to Ailsa’a Foodie Travel Theme this week, I give you “Infused by Alchemy into the Sublimje” a description of a meal at Venissa, on the island of Mazzorbo, in the Venice Lagoon. Enjoy.

The Wanderlust Gene

I was reminded today of the most exciting meal I’ve ever had, and wouldn’t you know it, it was in Venice, a city which, only a decade or so  ago, was notorious rather than noted, for its food.  This visit, food, glorious Italian food, was almost top of my agenda, and so I made a mini-excursion into the wilds of the Venice Lagoon so I could eat at Venissa:  a Michelin-style restaurant that’s part of a project rehabilitating an ancient vineyard and farm buildings on the little island of Mazzorbo. I couldn’t have chosen a more evocative day to set out: grey, misty Venice –  the clouds capsizing onto the campaniles, subsiding into the campos and along the quayside fondamentas;  the wind making frosty shakes as it collided with the downpour.  I’m glad I bought those (cyclamen pink leather) gloves.

While my lunch near the Rialto the previous Sunday…

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  1. Given the wonderfulness of Infused by Alchemy into the Sublime, I’m looking forward to your post about post about Sri Lankan food – I think food posts are more difficult than any other but it’s possible that is because I’m the world’s worst food stylist 🙂

    • I’ve never tried it, Ella. I must say it’s difficult to get pictures to look appetising! And, deciding what to include … 🙂 I’m working on it – just as soon as I get through this backlog of comments, I’ll see if I can start laying it out … 🙂

    • Tickled by your praise, Kate – thank you.

      I’m getting my feast together – but every time I think I’ve got it, I think of something else I should include. It’s turning into a bit of a book which will have to be divided into sections, I think.

  2. I have to say I am extremely hungry right now and there is no way what I had planned for supper can compete with that. I need to go put my chef hat on.

      • Heheheh…well at this point that was 2 days ago and I honestly can’t remember. Although, I guarantee no wine was involved. I have never taken to wine. I enjoy a nice scotch, but not in this heat.

        • Isn’t that interesting! Though I’ll agree, the heat doesn’t make me want to drink alcohol either. Here they’d say it’s too “heaty” – those foods or beverages which tend to fuel the body. For instance, rambutan is ‘heaty’, and shouldn’t be eaten after mid-afternoon.

  3. The type on this blog is a little hard to read… my old eyes are getting dimmer with each year… but the photos are gorgeous…

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