The Painted Tree

Whenever I’m driving up the Galle Road toward Colpetty, the painted tree seems to wave to me, drawing my attention to its solitary state at the edge of a phenomenally valuable block of land.  This act of whimsy always makes me smile, so I thought I’d post a photograph of it for Ailsa’s Art Travel Theme this week.

The Painted Tree, Galle Road, Kolupitiya, Colombo 3.


51 thoughts on “The Painted Tree

  1. I think trees have enough beauty without being painted 😦

    Forgot to mention on the previous post that it reminds me of the vacillations of Poppy Carew by Mary Wesley and the amazing funeral firm 🙂

  2. I must not be seeing this correctly, judging from the comments. I did not get the impression this was a live tree from the way it looked. I’d be curious to know the story behind it.

    • You’re right, Michelle – the tree has been dead for decades. i suppose, when the owner cleared the old buildings from the site, the tree must have presented a daunting, and expensive task, to root it out. Each successive monsoon has done its work, cleaning away loose branches, and the incessant sea breeze too, till now it stands, a bit like a mannequin. At different times, its beautiful paint job is augmented by Wesak lanterns, or balloons, a new role for an old tree.

  3. Beautiful. I like the fact that someone has taken the trouble to make a dead tree a thing of beauty, instead of carting it off for firewood.

    • Me too! They’ve got a bit of a thing for trees here, which is something I’ve always found fascinating and marvellous. In fact, I’m about to begin a little series of tree posts – there are some quite famous trees here.

  4. I love the unexpectedness of this – beautiful, too. They paint the water towers around here, with scenes from local life, and those are good, but your tree beats everything.

    • That’s nice, Viv – that the water towers are drawn into the fabric of the village in that way. Our dead tree too continues to be part of the city, providing hanging places for lights, or balloons, streamers, whatever the season dictates. Or stands, a bejewelled but lone sentinel keeping watch on the empty block.

  5. What a beautiful, creative gesture to honour the life of the tree by someone who took the time & creativity to paint in jewel colours a lovely design so the tree has a second life, still pleasing to passers by. I’m sure there’s a number of lessons there for us all 😉 Great choice of image. Thnx for sharing.

  6. It’s such a beautiful gesture – trees give us years of service, beautifying and purifying the planet – so how lovely that someone chose to extend the life of this dead tree this way. The painting is really gorgeous, love those jewel tones.

    • I should know it’s story, but I don’t, sadly. All I know it’s been there for years, dead, in this block of land and some time ago someone painted the tree, and now and again people hang balloons from it, or lanterns – in a way, it lives again, part of the city.

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