Weekly Photo Challenge – Fleeting Moment

Many iconic black and white photographs have come down to us over the generations that set the tone for today’s out and about, what I see on the streets style of photography I so admire.

I have managed to capture a few fleeting moments  – pretty amateurish, but telling a story, nevertheless.  Usually I’m far too self-conscious to set myself on a street corner to see what comes along, and way too slow-witted to dive for a camera when I chance upon it – like the guy I saw (a couple of times!) pedalling his aquatically outfitted bicycle down the Grand Canal, when I was there last.

There was another guy – a very  spiffily dressed young man about town I bumped into as he went about his very social rounds of the cafes and bars of the Zattere or San Barnaba/S. Margheritta.  I often speculated about him.  What did he do?  Too much time on his hands to be an artist or artisan, I thought, and although there was something about his hands that drew my attention, I decided to give him a more rakish occupation.

One day – camera on the table because I’d been trying to capture a great old dame on her daily outing – who should stop for a chat with friends at a nearby table but my modern-day Lothario.  Heart racing with repressed excitement, I swiveled, as nonchalantly as I could, raising the camera to my eye – click!  There he was, in full flight, if not well composed.  I had to show you – he makes me smile even now, with his studied scruffiness and sangfroid.

I’ve previously posted my favourite street scene photograph – four friends leaving the chic Novocento Hotel in San Marco, but I’ve been dying to show you the raven haired Signora of Burano.  She was certainly a very attractive woman, and quite arresting, in her pink pants and t-shirt, and everywhere she walked, the men would chorus, “Ciao, Signora!”.

Another pink-clad Venetian woman caught my attention as she and her lavishly spotted Great Dane were waiting for the traghetto at Rialto Mercato.

I love how the Dane managed the tricky task of balancing, as the craft was swung out into the Grand Canal.

And since I find it almost impossible to tear myself away from Venice, one last shot – two footsore shoppers, deep in conversation as they wait  for the traghetto at Accademia.

I’m off to look at the other entries.

53 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Fleeting Moment

  1. I love your series of fleeting moments. I especially like the one of the people and the dog standing in the boat. Is that how they travel, standing up? I would just sit there and wait for them to capsize. (smile) What a moment that would make.


    • Laughing, laughing – that would indeed be a stellar fleeting moment shot!

      Yes, one stands. It’s a point of honour for tourists to follow suit, but I’m sure there are a few dicky moments when a vaporetto goes past and the wake broadsides the gondola. It would only take one unsteady passenger among a boatload of other tourists to upset the balance – though I never heard of it happening!

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  4. Nice shots! I love the way your Lothario is impeccably dressed on his top half, but on the bottom half he has paint-spattered pants! And I’m with you…I am too self-conscious to snap strangers on the street unless I can do it without them seeing me…

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  6. OMG! I’m in love (don’t tell my husband)….Mr. 3020 is beautiful! I’ve studied every detail from the handkerchief in the jacket pocket, to his dirty thumb nail…what’s that about? Maybe from scraping eyeliner off women’s eyelids? Yes, from the eyelids of the Signora of Burano.
    Great post!

    • I’m sure he’d be very welcoming, Robin. Don’t forget to pack your glad rags though – I doubt he’d want to be seen out and about with anyone but the most stylishly dressed (but I suppose that’s the point?) 🙂

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  8. Your dapper young gentleman is indeed expressive with his hands. Quite charming. I love the hot pink on the ladies and the dogs body straps.

  9. Venice would always be a great place to photograph… I love your sharing some background on the great images… Made me smile! 😉

    • I’m really a words person, so unless it’s great art, I’m always looking for something to anchor a photograph – if only a location. But it “gladdens me ‘art” to hear others like the words too! Thanks dear eol:)

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    • I’d never seen it like that Ella, but you’re right! I think it’s people, and their stories (real, or imagined), which lead us into a place, or subject. It’s a timely reminder for my impending ‘farewell’ photography trips – thank you:)

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