A Bud, on the Manel!

As Hanuman’s cousins and uncles do what sounds like springboard practice on the roof, and all I’ve captured of them today is a stray tail, I thought I’d share another piece of joy.  It actually being dry this morning, I took The Girls’ sleeping things out to the balcony at about 6.30.  Turning to go and make myself a cup of tea, my brain registered something different in the lily pot.  A bud, on the Manel!

Not only a bud, but also a lone droplet of dew, sliding off the tip of a leaf.

After breakfast, a change in the light had me scurrying out with my camera, but it wasn’t the inky cloud I noticed –  the bud was now a flower, out before the sunshine had even arrived.

Not to be outdone, Maggie insinuated herself into the picture

Here it is, in all its glory – Sri Lanka’s national flower, the Manel.

It is a small waterlily, with violet-blue flowers standing slightly proud of the water. Since the introduction of a larger, more flamboyant foreign variety, the Manel is becoming a little shy in the wild, so I’m very excited to have it growing here in my garden.  Jayantha and I discovered it in a dilapidated regifoam box behind an overgrown clump of bamboo.  We transferred our scraggy find, in its cladding of putrid mud, into the pot on my bedroom balcony, where it seems to have made itself right at home.

I’m particularly chuffed by this final shot.  It’s the first decent picture I’ve managed with my little point and shoot.

61 thoughts on “A Bud, on the Manel!

    • My marvellous Maggie always wants to be the centre of attention – jealous of anything that takes my attention away from her: a water lily or her siste. Thankfully she doesn’t act up when I’m on the phone, like the cocker spaniel of a friend of mine:)

  1. Love the lily… so funny, because I took a photo of lilies and lily pads today at our local art museum (they have an outdoors area). Mine now feels inadequate. ; )

  2. Utterly exquisite! I love the way waterlilies pop up so suddenly. The one in my fishpond was a first and I was thrilled when a flower appeared seemingly in an instant. The dog definitely adds to the charm.

    • I was amazed at how quickly this appeared – though of course, it being fairly murky water, I could have missed it the day before it broke the surface!

      I won’t tell Maggie if you don’t mind – she’s a scene stealer of the first degree and doesn’t need any more encouragement!

        • My, how pretty they are – water hyacinths! I can imagine that you’d almost never see them till they do the final spurt, the bud being so well camouflaged among the bulbous leaf bases. The Manel certainly is vibrant, but it’s only about the size of a cup, not a big, flashy thing like most water lilies we see. Perfect for my pot!

          My very good wishes to you and your scene stealing four-legged companion:)

    • It’s nice that such a simple, small flower can be so beloved. I’m a little afraid though that a lot of kids these days would point at the larger, more purply hued foreign weed as the Manel.

      We don’t tell Mags things like that – she has no sense of proportion and lets things go to her head … 🙂

  3. Oh how fabulous! I’m so pleased it flowered for you and that you got some greta shots.
    And I just adore the photo including Maggie 🙂 So now I know what the national flower of Sri Lanka is – thanks!

  4. Such a beautiful flower, and Maggie is gorgeous too. 😉 We once had a rottie who thought it was clever to bite off the heads of our prize flowers as soon as they appeared.

  5. Maggie is so cute! And she really fits well into that photo. 😀 Nice captures of the Manel, TWLG. Thanks for sharing!

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