You know how I can’t resist the occasional piece of advice from the Buddha Dhamma – well here’s something Mark found that’s not only the best advice in the world, but’ll make you shout with laughter and release that anger all in the same nanosecond …

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  1. I liked this on Mark’s blog as well. 2nd post I’ve read today about anger. Anger is a great tool but yes, holding onto it is like holding onto a out of control power saw, I believe 馃檪

  2. I’ve heard this saying before, and just love how it nails what it means not to let go of the past, and not being able to forgive people for their mistakes that they might be themselves regretting about.

  3. Yes how true… we all get so bitter sometimes don’t we? It is so hard for us to let go. I know I work very hard at not letting all the little things bother me. (and lately there was A LOT of little things, big things and thngs in general at work that is exhausting. It can really wear on you after awhile and suck the happiness away. I read somewhere once that even on the worst days something good has happened… focus on that. It does help! I read a blog that was freshly pressed the other day (sorry it escaped me now and I cannot give them credit), but they talked about anger, bitterness and negitive thinking as Aunt Zelda. When she shows up politely ask her to leave! How good is that?

    • I like the one about Aunt Zelda – a personalisation of the original saying which goes something like if anger arises, refuse to acknowledge it!

      You must be almost home now. Hope Dubai gave you a chance to catch up?

          • I did get on and get through a few comments. They had wi-fi on my flight (last leg) so I could have even then! I didn’t try it though… too tired at that point and tried tp get some much slept… no easy task when the pane doubled as a nursery! Yes that many crying babies. On the ground again and just slept 12+ hours. Should be over the jet leg after that nap 馃槈

  4. Well isn’t that the truth. It’s also true that it takes more muscles to frown than smile so we should all be giving everyone a smile in passing! It brightens your day, too!

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