Weekly Photo Challenge – Close II

As the sun subsides on another day in paradise, I couldn’t resist proposing a second interpretation of “Close” – close to perfect.

I haven’t touched this up  – too scared I’d bugger it up, somehow, because  I always felt this shot was almost perfect.  It’s certainly how I remember that magical evening, sitting on the terrace overlooking the Kalenia valley with my mother, experiencing the peace of shared awe and wonderment.  It was the winter after Papa died, and I had brought her to here to show off my island.  You can see it rose to the occasion, here at Paradise Farm, near Kitulgala – as it did of course, throughout her trip.

What do you think, close?

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102 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Close II

    • Oh yea – gorgeous. It’s an organic farm, perched high up in the hills above the Kaleniya River – a couple of bedrooms, and this enormous covered pavilion and the pool, just floating above the world with views for miles … 🙂

    • That’s so kind of you, Michelle. I wish the photograph could also convey the complicity we felt, watching this transition into night, and also how the air felt against our bodies – then it would be perfect.

    • I’m so glad you liked it Andrew, but remember, it was the emotional, human variety we were challenged to display!

      I’ve got another, very different interpretation, I think I’ll put it up this evening …

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    • Well, it did touch us, Kate. Emotionally, of course, but here, as the sun slides away for the night, the earth seems to give a deep sigh, releasing much of the pent up warmth of the day, caressing ones’ body as it passes on its way to follow the light.

    • It was one of those tropical evenings, the air like silk, us suspended there above the world, almost breathless with the wonder of it all – yes, indescribable (especially as Ma was beginning to relax into the magic of my paradise island, and I was beginning to relax about her reaction to it!).

    • So glad you like it Ioanna. It was a glorious evening, made more so, in memory, because I shared it with my mother not long before her world came crashing down around her. Very poignant.

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