Weekly Photo Challenge – Friendship

In honour of the deep and abiding friendships that have sustained me throughout my life, I submit “Two Old Friends”.

“Best Mates” for almost sixty years, they’d met just after the war.  One was almost a decade older than the other, one mercurial, the other a deep flowing river.  Undemonstrative, in that dry, laconic way of Australian men, their love, and trust were implicit, unquestioned certainties.  At one point, the younger became the leader, demonstrating his solicitude and appreciation through annual visits to the other’s now far removed location.

To listen to them yarn, to examine and solve the issues of the day, to chivvy and tease each other, advise and seek counsel, to test each other out, was to be privy to the essence of love.

RIP, gentlemen.

50 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Friendship

  1. Clearly they understood that “friendship” is a long enduring thing, with natural ups and downs ,unspoken flexibility, forgiveness and support required. True friendship is someone loving you in spite of who you are… and your recipricating the favour.

    I fear that younger generations are getting very shallow, they want to stick around only if no better offer comes up, if they don’t get bored and if the other person always agrees with them. ..
    My Bestie once came to dinner (i’m a hobby chef) and I really had an off-day— she put the fork in her mouth, then left the table (to get rid of the food) and came back announcing that she had eaten some of the best meals of her life at my place but this one… by a long shot ,definiately wasn’t one of them.
    She then paid for the Pizza delivery and we chalked it up to experience and had a laugh. She loves me enough to tell me the truth, I love her enough to not be offended by it.. …that’s friendship.

    • That’s a very strong friendship, Kiwidutch. The type we all crave, or hope to have a couple of in our lives. There seem to be so many varying degrees of friendship, which can be confusing as we’re growing up, negotiating the maze of relationships … I don’t know that friendship itself is changing nowadays. I think what the younger people expect from, or want in their friendships might be more well-defined than ours used to be!

      We’d better ask some young people! 🙂

  2. What a lovely example of a long and enduring friendship! Tend to agree with Kiwidutch above. The respect and selflessness required for abiding relationships is kind of going out of style 😦

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  5. Wanderlust, this is beautiful. The endurance of friendship over such a long time; it leaves warmth even after it has finished. RIP, indeed. What a wonderful pair.

    • They were, Kate. They would probably have had a chuckle at my posting them as my pin-up friendship, then look quietly at eachother, the mercurial one would raise an eyebrow, they’d both smile again, before resuming whatever conversation they had been engrossed in at the time. Yes, their friendship still makes me smile.

  6. Just love this post. Celebrating friendship between women is always wonderful and something to cherish, but mate-ship between two old boys spanning decades is something even more special. Cheers 🙂

  7. I’m catching up on posts, and this one is so good I’m glad I didn’t miss it – thank you for posting it. It’s a great thing to see old friends together. Wishing us all such fabulous long friendships. Something to aspire to. Mrs S. & I have been friends for 30 years & I think we have another 30 crazy years in us. One of the saddest & most moving experiences I’ve had was at a funeral of a woman I didn’t know – the mother of the G.O.’s brother-in-law… her best friend was in the row in front and you could feel the tangible presence of the departed there to console her.

    • Lets hope you and Mrs. S. have way more than 30 – though ‘crazy’ years may become a little leaner as you age:)

      Glad you enjoyed the two old guys, and that it sparked love and memories. It certainly did it for me and the handful of friendships I’ve valued most throughout my life.

    • It was an inspiring friendship, but I’m not sure every friendship has to potential to be that close, or than long lived. I do believe there are degrees of friendship, and that certain friendships are destined to ignite and burn out, just as passion does.

      These, lifelong friendships of great intimacy are a special gift, I think and I always considered myself blessed to observe these two so closely. So glad you liked the story.

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