Ten Minute Dash to Capture a Photograph

A few days ago I came across some shots Angeline had taken on a ten minute iPhone challenge she follows.  It got me thinking.

Then yesterday it seemed the universe was saying “listen”, when  Shannon at Seeingspotsphoto challenged and  inspired me to look again at the mundane – the everyday sights of the world around me.  As if anything could be mundane here!  But you see, I think I have become immured to the everyday sights around me here, just as we do in our ‘normal’ home environments.  I’ve begun to notice that it’s no longer my paradise isle  that’s the exotic location – that appellation goes to Venice, for instance, or Bente’s winter wonderland up near the Arctic Circle.  And that saddened me.  What’s the point of being here if I’m no longer enchanted by everything my eye beholds?

Step one, put that little pocket camera in my handbag so I’ve got a camera at all times.  Check.

Step two, pull the thing out and take pictures of everyday life.  Get into the habit of using it instead of just charging the batteries and taking it out it when I’m going on a trip.

Step three, take up her challenge to see what I can see.

By the time Kumari and I had bought new brooms, mops and brushes, a refill for the gas cylinder, a pillow, mosquito net and towels, done a little shopping for at the kitchen,

After all that shopping, not much room left in the three-wheeler for me

and stopped to buy some fresh manioca from the Manioca Man,

His advertising was a bit droopy late in the day, but the tubers were still crisp and bright

it was almost dusk before I was able to set out on my ten minute dash to capture a photograph.  i went by conventional taxi, toward town.

The sky was turning to ink with every passing second, creating lacy silhouettes with the leaves of a mango tree,

and strong jagged cutouts from the fronds of the coconut palms.

Then the lights came on at Barefoot, and the warm glow from the cafe and courtyard beyond was like a beacon in a sea of blue.  I thought it was very beautiful, so went in to have a glass of wine.

A lovely, and unexpected jaunt.

62 thoughts on “Ten Minute Dash to Capture a Photograph

  1. I take a camera with me everywhere and I have been able to capture some wonderful and not so wonderful images. It makes life full of fun and the unexpected.


  2. Hi, I loved your blog and the travel theme. Thanks for sharing it with us. I was wondering, if you are into reading ebooks on living and celebrating life, then may be you could check out my blog at your own leisure–my latest ebook: 12 Precious Anecdotes from Life of such a genre has been released at Amazon, and I posted the synopsis at my blog. I wish you a great week ahead.

  3. Spent a very good hour reading your blogs – viv showed me about the waters and then I tried to find all the Vietnam stuff and then was seduced by reading about Sri Lanka – it’s all so familiar although it’s four years since I lived there and I’ve only been back once. It reminds me that I ought to write about that too. I have lived in France for a year with the freedom to be a consistent writer although the discipliine escapes me sometimes. I feel encouraged to look at my own blog with more effort to use photographs and to write it more regularly – so thanks a lot for a lot of happy reading and good resolutions!

    • I’m honoured. Thank you for following up on Viv’s suggestion. Sorry there was so little on Viet Nam. I only visited for a short while – far too short a time to do anything more than drink things in – fascinated.

      I hope you try to knuckle down to work on your poem, and livening up your blog – I find it helps me when things look beautiful (but I’ve always been a bit like that – my first word was “pretty”, apparently!).

  4. The nearly-night blue is enchanting! Can you tell me where to find the 10 minute photo challenge (if there’s one for Android too)? Thanks for the reminder to take snaps of everyday-ness:)

  5. Bravo, bravo, bravo!!!! You did it, and such a beautiful outcome! I would love to see more of this please 🙂
    I think beginning this photography thing all the way around, 10 minute and lots of minutes, has made me see almost everything I look at as a photo. And I notice things I never used to, down to a rock on the path in what I thought was my very un-exotic neighborhood. You live is such a fantastic place.

    • A root vegetable. Tapioca? Cassava?

      Excellent for a special breakfast, boiled, with just a touch of salt and turmeric, served with freshly grated coconut and lunu miris, a symbol made from onions, tomato, salt, dried fish, chilli and lime juice. (The dried fish is optional, but to my mind those little shards of saltiness make it zing!). If you’re feeling ambitious, manioca makes a wonderful substitute for potato crisps, shaved thinly, fried and seasoned with sea salt and chilli powder. Yum:)

        • I told you, Robin, a sambol (a sort of pounded salad) of onion, tomato, dried fish, salt, chilli powder and lime juice! It’s hot, really quite chilli red hot, and wonderfully tangy from the acidic tomato and sour lime juice and salty from the salt and the shards of dried fish. Coupled with the sweet creamy fresh coconut and the slightly earthy manioc a, it’s a zesty start to the day.

  6. I think I am going to do the same thing. Like you, I live on a “paradise island” and even in the dirty old city there are great pictures around every corner… Nice photos!

        • I know what you mean, Petchary. I know it hasn’t been beautiful for forty years or more, nor does it have the overwhelming sense of history of the great capitals of the world, or the vibrancy of others, but it has its own character, and it’s mostly chaotic charming:) Looking forward to seeing it – I doubt I’ll make it so this’ll be my only chance – an insider’s guided tour, please:)

  7. Thank you for sharing your day. Wherever we live in the world, what we see as a normal day is exotic to others. If only our distant ancestors had been able to document their mundanities, imagine how interesting we would find those photos!
    I love your beautiful blue sky 🙂

    • That blue’s magical, isn’t it? There’s a question about my favourite colour I have to answer, and that is it, right there: that inky vastness of the sky over my piece of paradise at the blue hour:)

  8. I love it! I hardly ever go anywhere without my camera. The other night I was feeling a little blue so I headed out into the sunshine to a local open space property and took over 100 pictures 🙂 (the post will be coming soon)


    thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog!

    • You’ve got it! Glad you liked them:).

      Thanks for coming by, and for the comment. By the way, Browsing, have you played The Atlas Game? You might enjoy it. It’s an A-Z game of recollection. The rules are: first city that comes into your head, the first recollection (or vice versa). I did one for Confessions, Awards and the Atlas Game if you’re interested.

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