A Funny Thing Happened at the Gene Pool Today

Animals – you gotta love ’em.

After their breakfast this morning I took The Girls for their walk down the lane to do their thing, and exercise their olfactory senses, at least.  Their delight was manifest in every squirming fibre of their being and we were enjoying a companionable time together, when I heard the strangulated vowels of an unhappy cat.

There was Princess Podi, standing at the open gate, yawling as though we’d taken off for Outer Mongolia.  Even The Girls looked up, momentarily, from their ecstatic snuffling.  I called and spoke to her, of course, and she came bounding down the lane after us, but stopped at the letterbox, four feet drawn together at attention, body arched  in a bow, and began voweling again.  No amount of coaxing her to join us on our walk would convince her to venture beyond the letterbox, but as long as she could see us, and hear my voice, she did subside a little, sitting within her tail, at the foot of the tree, shielded from view by said letterbox.

Apparently she was unhappy about running into the neighbour’s cow, grazing on the bright monsoon-fed grass growing on the side of the road.

The girl herself, displacing the bills on my desk

You would be forgiven for thinking things were on the up and up here since my Six Sixes on a Friday meltdown back at the beginning of May.  And indeed they are.

Maid’s gone, room emptied, left debt.        Ads placed, feelers out, high hopes.
Dog’s been sick, washing machine broken.      Vet says Girls OK, machine fixed.
Car’s with the mechanic, need wheels.      Awaiting parts, sitting idle, growing mould.
Calling for help useless, phone’s fried.      Phone’s fixed, the world’s within reach.

And what seemed like the last straw at the time:

Camera full of images, can’t download.      Just a faulty cable, et voila!

I won’t show you a photograph of the mould hanging off the steering wheel like moss in the enchanted forest – gross!  But look at what’s happening at the Gene Pool today:

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25 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened at the Gene Pool Today

  1. “. . . the strangulated vowels of an unhappy cat.”

    Oh, Mere, this was sublimely described. I could almost hear the plangent meow of this beauty. I have always had an appreciation for cats, or maybe I should say a fondness for the creatures God made them to be. They are quite independent, and their personalities vary like a handful of grapes. I am allergic, however, and as they don’t tolerate my squzzling, I most definitely am, and always will be, a dog mom.

  2. I am really not a cat person at all so can’t empathize, but I too am strangely afraid of cows!! So I guess I can. We also have two crazy dogs, also known as “the Girls.” They are supposedly sisters – or half sisters – and one is much crazier than the other…

    • What a difference taking control can make! I simply decided not to become a slave to the housework and voila, I seemed to have time to think again. Ok, so I haven’t swept the garden since then, and I could dust more frequently, but at least we’re having fun again!

    • Don’t I know it! The dogs would be up pushing me off the desk if they could get up here. As it is, I’ve two at my feet and Podi disrupting the bills pile, or knocking the phone of its perch, she quite likes it there, too:)

      Thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you some more.

  3. Those monsoon rains certainly produced a lovely flower. Princess Podi doesn’t look very approachable there. Best let her do as she pleases with those bills. 😉 I’m sure the creditors will totally understand.

  4. Just love your vivid and descriptive writing as much as the story! Good to know things are much improved, despite the mold growing on in your car 🙂

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