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Dawn is such a photogenic time!  And one which I didn’t used to see very often, certainly of my own volition.  That is, until the rhythm of life changed with my move  to the tropics, where its the most beautiful time – cool, bright,  and filled with the comforting sounds of the world slowly embracing the day.

I have a “Dawn Series” I thought you might enjoy – all shot here in Sri Lanka, in my favourite part of the island:  the Knuckles ranges.

My friend Mo and I kept seeing these Knuckles mountains, in the distance, on our jaunts around various places in the central part of the island.   After hunting around on the internet, we eventually came across a place to stay, and set off one weekend to get a close-up of these characteristically shaped mountains.  We were a little late arriving – we’d been waylaid, watching an elephant loading logs onto a truck.

The wind – a howling, tenacious, tearing wind – was really all we registered when we arrived, in the dark – the wind and the rather grim and charmless features of our accommodation.  When I awoke, there was a quality to the light that almost hushed the gale outside.   I opened the door to investigate, and this is what I saw:

Awestruck, at first, then propelled like an automaton, I dashed inside and scrabbled in the gloom looking for my camera, all the while importuning Mo to motivate herself out from beneath her snuggling doona, to “come and see”.

Barking Deer Lodge is transformed by the dawn.

We loitered there, on that narrow ledge above the yawning valleys below, mesmerised by nature’s own sound and light show, as finally, the sun thrust its mighty burnished head above the mountains down below.

Well on its way to becoming a ‘favourite place on earth’ long before breakfast, or stepping off that narrow ledge to explore the mountains themselves,  now when the craggy Knuckles call, we set forth with joy and anticipation to Barking Deer Lodge, if only to watch the sun rise in the morning.  Sometimes it’s all grey and misty, shot with pinks and mauves

Sometimes, it’s copper and brown with the dust of summers on the plains.

And sometimes, perched on the edge of the world, it seems we’re sandwiched between the heavy water-laden clouds and the inky black mountains.

There was only one morning the sun failed to make an appearance.  Buried beneath the clouds of a massive storm system, it failed to arrive all day, the rain whited out the valley, obscured the lakes, but up through the pass, waterfalls were sending ribbons of silver crashing down the jagged rocky peaks – but that’s another story.

Thanks to Jake of Jakesprinters for this Sunday’s prompt.  Visit some of the other entries, here.

122 thoughts on “Sunday Post – Dawn

  1. the most awesome sunrise ever!!!! such a pleasure to see your series of photos of different dawn skies, absolutely beautiful ….. perhaps a visit in your direction coming up next year 🙂

  2. A fitting “favourite place on earth’, these photos are fan-bloody-tastic and I’m glad you and Mo hunted the opportunity to go there.

    • Those jagged ‘knuckles’ kept cropping up on the horizon, for years and nobody seemed to know much about them, or be much interested in exploring them with us, so it was indeed fortunate that we were researching ‘un-touristy’ things to do in preparation for some friends visiting that spurred us to eventually trawl the net. And the place we stayed – really! But it never bothers us any more – the view, and the sunrises make it 6 Stars in our book!

      So glad they stunned you a bit, Ella!

    • Oh, yea, I’m the luckiest lady on earth, I think. Well I know that’s a stretch, but on the other hand, anyone who is lucky enough to do what they want to be doing, has to be among the blessed and I thank my lucky stars each day for that blessing!

      The last one is my favourite too. I selected it for the Featured Image, but that doesn’t seem to have worked:( So glad you liked them.

    • They’re not famous, even here, but as you can see, they’re pretty interesting, visually, and for people who like rocks and seeing how the world folds, it’s a marvellous region.

      So glad you liked the shots too:)

  3. I’m afraid my first response was an awed expletive – but just – oh *expletive* – so – well – sublime!! In the dynamic sense, of course. more than beautful. The combination of mountain, changing light, sky structured by clouds – sigh.

    • I’m chuffed dear Nicole. but if you were to see dawns like these your pictures would be breathtaking:)

      It is an incredible sight, to watch the sun rise from a position higher than the horizon.

  4. awestruck is the perfect sentiment!
    I love them all but the greys and hints of pink
    say”wrap in a blanket sit with a cup of coffee on the porch
    to just absorb the majesty of the moment!”
    I am teaching myself watercolors and I dream of having that effect….
    I shall enjoy your wandering, and yes I am sure we will meet in the faerie realm of kindness

    Thank you for sharing….absolutly breathtaking photos

    Take Care…

    • Ah, a watercolorist! Yes, I can see you would relate to those muted, watery rosy lilacy greys. It was extraordinary, that morning and yes, we sat, tea warming fingers, as each imperceptible whisp of colour began to colour the world below us. So silent, too, all sound muted by the fog. Magic:)

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  6. What glorious photographs! What a heavenly place. I want to go to Barking Deer Lodge right now! I love mountains and it is one of the reasons why I love Jamaica – you can always see them on the horizon, whether near or a little further off. Knuckles – they do look like knuckles! This is quite wonderful and makes me want to jump off my island and visit yours! Thanks.

    • Aiyo Jo! Big smile – it’s wonderful when people respond with heartfelt emotion to something you’ve tried to capture. As I said, I’ve only once not had a wow! sunrise at the Knuckles:)

  7. “The knuckes” what a brilliant name for a mountain range! … and the first photos of the sunrise .. photos 3,4 &5 kind of look like the sky is upside down LOL (if you look at the photo upside down it resembles what you see when looking out of an aircraft window when cruising at high altitude)
    There is a sense of peace and tranquillity about this place and the views here… beautiful!

  8. These are simply stunning, Wanderlust. Capturing the dawn really faithfully is such an ethereal task, the dawn can slip through your fingers. But you’ve done it justice, and some.

    • Kate, thank you. Those Knuckles sunrises almost took the shots themselves. All I needed to do was keep my eyes open and press the shutter every few minutes. That was the hard part – like remembering to breathe, I had to remember to click the shutter!

  9. How fantastic! Those sunrises are Spectacular, Spectacular!!
    I’m almost always missing out on sunrises… *sigh*, I just can’t quite make myself be an early bird!

    • It’s a new thing for me to make the dawn, and if I’m honest, I think it’s a product of ageing (needing less sleep!). But getting up early certainly paid huge dividends that morning. We’d never have known, otherwise and would have missed one of the most fantastic experiences.

      • I suspect I am missing out on quite a bit being a late-sleeper. I imagine, like sunsets, a sunrise is never quite the same as the one before, or the one after.

        • Yes, the cold and damp of the early morning:) No, seriously, you’re right that sunrises are all different – but, even more than sunsets, there’s a progression of light infiltrating the sleeping world, creeping with increasingly bold fingers into every crack and crevice, changing in quality until well into the morning – something that we’re blind to at the end of the day.

    • It was a fluke I woke. Well, what I mean to say is that I normally wouldn’t have been awake except for my new-found habit! Seeing that was certainly a wonderful way to start the day:).

    • That last one was amazing. I was amazed when I saw we had any colour that morning – it had been raining all night, and not long afterwards it started up again – you can see how heavy and black the clouds are!

      • I think that may have added to your luck to see all the colour. I read somewhere colour comes from the moisture and dust in the air, since the sun reflects on it. I was disappointed in Cuba with bland sunrise/sunset colours and when I read that I thought makes more sense… less pollution and things in the air 😉 Regardless they are lovely and how great you captured it!

  10. These images are breathtakingly beautiful and somewhat surreal. You are so fortunate to have captured such magical natural artwork with your camera, your eyes and your heart.

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