Weekly Photo Challenge – Today

Today began with us taking the garbage down to the drop-off point – me and The Girls.  I should have remembered that fresh dewy mornings amplify every thrilling smell of the night, so it was rather a matter of The Girls dragging me and the wheelie bin down to the road – either that, or their noses were stuck to the ground by a superglue magnet, snuffling away as though they were searching for truffles!  When we got back, Maggie took up her position at the gate, waiting for the cows to come down the lane …

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Don’t ask me why, but I’m still having trouble downloading images from my camera to the computer, but I did manage to get a couple of shots off my old iPhone 3G – so please excuse the quality.

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42 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Today

  1. genteel dogs dragging you along, and maggie looks marvelous at the gate, rich colour and feeling in the images, i understood about technology …. have yet to learn how to download my camera to the ipad 🙂

    • Oh wow, the rain that’s been threatening since we went out just after dawn has come at last – it’s been like walking through water, the humidity’s been so high.

      I wonder if I could figure out how to do that? Maybe that’s a backwards way to download pix till I can find a specialist. On second thoughts, I doubt it. Best concentrate on finding someone to trouble-shoot!

      The Girls say “thank you” for complimenting them on their gentility ..

    • Houndlings, indeed they are. Miss is a true tracker: Maggie more a show pony, but loves the chase … when she gets hold of a scent she can’t resist she is a bit of a handful until she’s tired out. I can imagine her in an English hunting pack (I say in a whisper, in case she overhears and begins imagining the freedom …).
      Did you have a productive week?

      • frustrating. full of thinkings, chasing down things only to discard them – but maybe I’m getting somewhere – the Grotesque Sublime (which I’m trying to establish) is both the mathematical and the dynamic of Kant’s sublime….

        • There’s a mathematical quotient to the sublime? Phew Keira – glad it’s you and not me! Sorry it was frustrating, but testing out theories is how you tease out the elemental, isn’t it? Good luck with the questioning … 🙂

          • It put me off too! Mathematical in that you measure it against something else, dynamic is the wild chaos of nature. But he draws the line at monstrous & colossal which the science fictional sublime is beginning to question, starting with Mary Shalley’s Frnkenstein – the monster being monstrous, grotesque yet sublime – it were big!! And also superhuman in strength and so on. It’s fascinating stuff & I have to finish the PhD so I can keep writing about it 😀

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  3. Hey, your iPhone 3G takes pretty darn good photos!
    I love Maggie’s looking at you….dare I say posing? A houndling and a hamlet. I used to have a beagle when I was growing up, Freckles. Loved that dog, but she was always trying to crash out of the back yard.

    • That’s Maggie too! Always looking for ways of escaping, wandering off, led by her nose … once was found robbing food from the kade (little store) down the lane, across the road … Was so lucky she wasn’t knocked by a car – she wouldn’t have had the sense to look before crossing …

      The pix don’t look too bad in Slideshow, do they? Pretty grainy in Gallery.

  4. Your girls are gorgeous! Especially Maggie, who does seem like she knows it 🙂 And i don’t see anything wrong with your pictures! We could do with some rain around here, although I know what you mean by the humidity.

    • I changed my mind and displayed the pix in Slideshow – when I previewed them in Gallery the graininess was very obvious! Maggie doesn’t seem to mind that you know she knows she’s gorgeous – it’s her due, she reckons.

  5. I don’t know what you’re talking about! These photos are wonderful. The girls are just lovely — just the way I pictured them, too. Adore the one of Maggie at the gate.

    • they weren’t too bad in Slideshow mode, were they! At first I had them in Gallery format and the graininess was very apparent – keeping them small beefed up the resolution, dear:)
      Oh yes, she knew, when she turned around and saw me with the phone pointed at her that it would be a winning shot!

  6. Cute. On the download. I put the memory card into my computer and transfer the pictures that way. Hit computer, (from the start logo) then look for your memory card and click on that and then pull them over to your pictures. I don’t know if that will help, but that is how I do it.

    • Thanks for that Connie, I wish it would work, but no. I think there’s something wrong with the camera, and must get into town and persevere with tracking down the problem till I get to the bottom of it!

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