Confessions, Awards and the Atlas Game

The confession, by Pietro Longhi, ca. 1750

The confession, by Pietro Longhi, ca. 1750 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Confession before benediction:  I have been procrastinating.  A month ago today Alyson at The Thought Palette nominated me for an award.  Every day since, I have said to myself, “work on your acceptance post”.  And then something offers itself as an excuse to divert my attention;  another day melts away, and still I haven’t done it.

I confess my feelings about awards are conflicted.  I love the feeling of camaraderie and fun that arises when a fellow blogger says “I’ve nominated you … “.  My ego thrills to the feeling of inclusion and recognition.  My brain applauds the device as a charming and effective means of introducing ourselves, and our friends to you and your friends, of making the circles grow, and increasing our reach and enjoyment of the blogging experience.  But …   I quail at the prospect of being put on the spot to talk about myself, out of context, and worse, I find the nomination process stressful in the extreme.  How to single out one person’s blog above another’s?   Or “What if they don’t accept awards?”, I ask myself, trawling the sidebars of the blogs I follow with such delight.  “What if a nomination puts them on the spot, or they say no?”  And, I might as well squeeze out the last inglorious truth, I get into a complete, and literal,  lather over the technicalities of gathering blog names and marrying them to the correct URL addresses (that is the right terminology?).

So, instead of visiting all the blogs I so enjoy reading, and examining their sidebars to see whether they ask not to participate in our bit of fun,  whether they have already received the proposed award, their length of service  whether they are established bloggers or fairly new to our blogosphere, their number of followers, and visitors, and anything else that might give me a clue as to whether my nomination would be pleasing or not, I will save myself a lot of time, and a great deal of self-doubt by simply visiting my follow list, and apologising in advance to anyone who doesn’t wish to participate.

Since I’ve procrastinated such a long time,  I must also confess I’m responding to a cornucopia of Awards today – each a beautiful, colourful, and glorious affirmation that someone out there has enjoyed reading my blog, or looking at the photographs I’ve taken over the years.  If I were to adhere to all the rules, you would be required to wade through about sixty things about me.  So here’s the deal.  I’ll play the Atlas Game, and leave it at that!


A game of recollection.

A Amsterdam It was the place to buy and sell vehicles, to tarry as long as your money held out, and to learn about life on the road, and of Pirate radio.
B Buenos Aires I went to Canada to save money to get to South America; got waylaid, plans changed.  But I must, just once, dance the Tango in Buenos Aires.
C Colombo They say it’s just an in and out city, that it has nothing to recommend it.  It’s been my home on and off for twenty years – I love living here.
D Delphi, Delhi, Dambulla Isn’t the world a wondrous place?  History, scenery, chaos, legend …  Places like these jostle for inclusion, they’re such a joy to discover and explore.
E Ephesus I had never before been so transported into the past as wandering down those resurrected streets.
F Faro A weekend with Juan and his family.  Pulling in the fishing boats.  Grilled sardines on the beach
G (somewhere near) Green Bay, Wisconsin The Aurora Borealis.  A perfectly splendid weekend in the wilds with old friends and new, doing what American college kids do.  But it’s just the Aurora, as indelible in my mind today as it was on those unforgettable nights, when the Aurora danced across the sky.
H Hanwood When Papa sold the farm, I felt anchorless – it was the only place I’d considered “home”.
I Igles A waitressing snow bunny till the Foehn blew and the guests melted away as fast as the snow.
J Jerez de la Frontera With Papa, drinking sherry and talking grapes with the farmers – and me (!) the translator.
K Keleniya The temple, lost in the rain, walking with baby P around the Bodhi tree, constructing flower offerings, oil lamps flickering in the night.
L London How will we survive without leaves and green grass?  A revelation in spring.  Summer = a couple of days of sunshine. The library on Park Lane.  A Facsimile Machine.  “Oh, you’re leaving so soon.  We were going to have you over.”
M Marrakech Mystery, fear, cultural awareness, the ladies hammam.
N Napoli Robbed!  Pizza and police stations.  Black horse-drawn funeral coaches.
O Ottawa Learning about in-laws.
P Paris In the springtime, in the winter, any damn time at all. Schoolgirl French, intimidated by waiters, R is bitten by a dog, coming of age in the Marais, …  the memories bubble up like freshly opened champagne.
Q Quebec City How to take a foreign holiday without going abroad?  Drive south across the border, demand a stamp in our Passports, and speak French from the time we arrive.
R Rhone Glacier Walking inside a glacier?  The light!  The sounds.
S Saginaw No, I never made it to Saginaw, but I too “took the Greyhound to look for America …”
T Turbenthal S, Moma and Paps, R.  A month’s ‘exchange’ became a lifelong friendship, 40 years this July.
U Ubud Rai’s place.  My first Asian home.
V Venice Once, when I was leaving, it cried; I got as far as Switzerland before turning back and stayed for three months.
W Wien (original spelling, it can’t replace Venice) Destination: Spanish Riding School, chestnuts, Klimt and Mozart, the palace at Schönbrunn, understanding the might of Empire.
X Aix-en-Provence, Well, it’s pronounced X Wishful thinking = real estate agents and calculators.  The incomparable Cezanne.  Les Deux Garcons.
Y Yanco Makes me think of Papa, who arrived there, 16 odd years old, straight off the boat from England.  Trying to catch a missed train.  Handling a blowout at 100.  My first boyfriend went to Yanco Ag too.
Z Zermat First night, of first adventure with S and Paps.  Eating snails and Raclette.  The Matterhorn, glaciers!


The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Pass the Award to 7 nominees.
I’m thrilled to accept and extend hearty  thanks to Alyson at the Thought Palette, for nominating me as a Kreativ Blogger – for my photographs, no less!   Now, everyone, rush straight over to The Thought Palette and have a delve – it’s a rich seam of inspiration.

Before I announce my own nominations, I must also thank The Canadian Travel Bugs – who’re teaching in Shanghai, and making the most of their time in Asia to see everything they can – for also nominating me.  This nomination is especially sweet as it was offered to cheer me up when it seemed I might implode under a multitude of minor calamities.  A big thank you, CTB – if I had some sort of kindness award in my purview, you’d be adding it to your sidebar!

The Nominees:


Chronicles of Illusions

Lust and Rum

Piran Cafe

Richard Tulloch’s Life on the Road

Robin Coyle


The Very Inspirational Blogger Award came to me out of the blue from a woman who is the essence of very inspirational, Francine in Retirement.  Rush immediately to meet her – this is the blog of a good woman.

The Rules:

  • Acknowledge and thank the giver, link it back, and put the award on your page.
  • List 7 things about yourself.
  • Last, pass the award to 7 bloggers who inspire you.

The Nominees:

Angelinem’s Blog

Heifer 12×12

Lord David’s Page

Petchary’s Blog

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Me 

Third Eye Mom

Where’s My Backpack

This handsome award, the Illuminating Blogger Award, was passed to me by My Italian Letters, who is having the time of her life settling in northern Italy, acting as stable hand and helpmate to her daughter, who’s an international dressage rider.  As if that weren’t exotic enough, she travels far and wide.  I’d like you to meet her, just pop in and say “hi”.

The Rules:

  • The nominee should visit the award site and leave a comment indicating that they have been nominated and by whom. (This step is important because it’s the only way that we can create a blogroll of award winners)
  • The Nominee should thank the person who nominated them by posting & including a link to their blog.
  • Share one random thing about yourself in your blog post.
  • Select at least five other bloggers whose illuminating, informative posts you enjoy reading and nominate them for the award.
  • Notify your  nominees by leaving a comment on their blog, including a link to the award site.

The Nominees:

Becoming Madame

Bente Haarstad Photography

Images of China Through English Eyes

Plus Ultra

Shards of China

The Urge to Wander

What an Amazing World

The Rules:

  • Share who gave you the award with a link back to their blog
  • Write seven random facts about yourself
  • Give this award to seven other bloggers
  • Let them know they’ve won and lastly, post the award on your blog.

For her unexpected nomination for a Versatile Blogger Award, my appreciative thanks to The Unbearable Lightness of Being Me , whose wonderful photographs of nature are infused with her gentle soul.  If you haven’t already discovered her work, please hop over right away.

And, just yesterday, another delightful surprise!  Many thanks to Sue’s Art and Food

How good it is to cross genres and add flavour to our lives.  Please visit Sue’s blog and see what I mean.

The Nominees:

A Nomad in the Land of Nizwa

In and Out of My Garden

Layyla Over the Rooftops

Moments in Pixels

Postcards from Italy


Storytelling Nomad

View from Dar

And lastly – only because it’s neat, and I have to break the rules again, is the Awesome Blog Content Award, inaugurated by Alyson at The Thought Palette.  Being an artist, she has devised a colourful award logo which will brighten the sidebar of any  blog, irrespective of theme or design.

The Rules:

  1. To ‘accept’ the award you add the ABC Award logo to your blog – the link is here.
  2. Share an alphabet about yourself with your readers by choosing a word or phrase for each letter – it might be something about you, something you like, or a place or thing you dream about.   That’s all – no long descriptions, no detail.
  3. Pass the award on to other worthy bloggers.  There’s no limit to how few – or how many – other bloggers you can send this to.

Many thanks Alyson, for including my blog on your list of inaugural recipients – I am honoured and very glad to participate.  I hope you’ve visited The Thought Palette already – if you haven’t, here’s the link again.

The Nominees:

To anybody who reads this confessional post:  I nominate your blog for the Awesome Blog Content Award.

Yes, that’s right.  Your blog’s content is awesome, because it is the product of your imaginationenthusiasm and dedication.  Congratulations, and best wishes for your continued enjoyment of this activity of ours!

Ciao, I’m off to put  The Girls to bed – they’re flaked out on either side of me on the sofa now, totally bored with me while I’ve been writing!

62 thoughts on “Confessions, Awards and the Atlas Game

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! You are very well deserving of all the above awards. Thank you for listing me on your acceptance post. I am very touched and humbled by your words.


  2. I gave you five stars for perseverence and a generous nature. It’s as much as I can do to keep up with all the blogs I follow, without daring to add any more!

    • You’re very welcome. I hope more people will follow your beautiful and so interesting blog.

      I only posted it at 12.30 this morning, and was too tired to send notes yet, sorry you had to read about it first.

  3. yes, congratulations, and very well handled! lovely to learn about you in the atlas game … must say i am tempted to think on that one …. delightful titbits about all those places and memories 🙂

    • You’re lucky I just happened to notice a little note on your site one day, otherwise … 🙂 Thank you Christine, I’m glad you approve. and enjoyed the atlas game. I though it was a bit of an inspiration, sparked by the ABC Award saying you could use the name of a place for a letter in ones’ ABC of me. In the end I could have done dozens, but then I’d have stripped myself bare! .

    • Indeed I will – at 5.50 this morning an angel walked into my house all the way from a remote village in the Knuckles to look after us. Oh blessed day:) Now all I have to do is finish my awards responsibilities by sending the notifications, then I can think about friendship – the subject of this weekend’s photo challenge…

  4. So glad to read that I am not the only one that puts off accepting lovely awards. I share your reasons for procrastination. They take so much time! So much.

    I get a thrill every time I am nominated, and then am filled with dread. Not only do I have to spend hours putting together a post, I want to check our the other nominees, which takes hours as well!

    That being said, thank you so much. I love how much fun we have together.

    • Thanks dear, and yes, if I’ve learned anything, it’s to get the acceptance posts up on the board before they take on a life of their own. The organisation involved was mind boggling 🙂

  5. First off, congrats on your well-deserved plethora of awards, and thank you so much for nominating Where’s my backpack? I am also suffering from procrastination but am filled with delight when I get a nomination from a fellow blogger. And I LOVE your atlas of you, your X made me laugh out loud, and I am seriously impressed that you got a Z in there.

    • Ha ha ha loved that you liked the atlas game and that I surprised you with an X and a Z:)
      Now your blog’s taking off, you’d better deal with your nominations lickety split or you’ll end up with an administrative nightmare like I did:)

      Congratulations again, on your great blog:)

  6. i am so impressed with how you accepted the awards. thank you very very much for the nomination… and i am deeply moved at how you thank me, really nice words – i’m so overwhelmed. greatly appreciated! 🙂

    • You’re very welcome, and thank YOU. I’m sorry it took so long to respond, but as you can see, it was a bit like a snowball and just tumbled downhill faster than I could make new friends to feed into my acceptance speeches!

  7. Well, you’ve been holding out on us 🙂 What a wonderful box of awards you’ve been holding onto. And thank you for the nomination for Very Inspirational Blogger. I accept with humble gratitude, and am going to think long and hard to see if I can do an Atlas of me….yours is inspirational in itself.

  8. Congratulations, and thanks so much for nominating me for Very Inspirational. I am truly pleased. I really hope I can inspire people at some level. I appreciate it and the Atlas is marvelous! I might do one myself, one day! I can relate to your notes on London (my birthplace) and Venice, especially. In London, people hardly have time for you these days. And Venice is simply magic…

    • I was amazed, though the little red light of understanding flashed, at the same time! I’d been there over a year, and was going round to say goodbye to my fellow workers before taking off for the States and Canada and so many of them said things like that. It was so lonely, like being excluded. And that was 1973, not ‘these days’!

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  10. Well aren’t you the celebrity. Carrying all these awards down the red carpet might be a bit tricky !!!!!!!!!! But you do deserve them…love your Atlas game…might do that too…thanks for including me amongst all your accolades.

    • Oh Jo, tricky? You should have seen me: pesky square things spilling out from beneath my elbows, tripping on oblongs as I left the stage … You’re most welcome – it was nice to share the address of your blog with others, which is the name of the game for us newbies, no?

      So glad you liked The Atlas Game. I did to. Once I began, the memories just started coming. I’ve been wondering if it wouldn’t be a nice game for us all to play – Once a week; a maximum of 100 words, with or without a photograph, of a personal recollection – the first that comes to mind – for a city beginning with …?

  11. Congratulations with al these awards, Wanderlyst, well deserved! And your Atlas is very good, read it and enjoyed. And thanks SO MUCH for the nomination to The Illumuniation award. Great! Thanks. And from the Atlas, Ubud, I was there just some hours, wish to return. Venice, have been there so many times, wish to return too. Still got some wanderlust here too…

    • Your blog has been such a source of enjoyment for me, I hope others who haven’t come across it yet will now be able to follow your adventures in the great wild north.

      You know, wandering needn’t be confined to far away paces – I’m just amazed at how you wander across your part of the world, taking us to places we’d never hear of if it weren’t for your taking us there with you. It’s a great gift, really.

  12. Oh my, you have done a fair bit of wandering! Congratulations, you deserve every one of those awards. And thank you so very much for thinking of me for the illuminating blogger award. Lovely idea for an acceptance post 🙂

  13. Holy smokes this Post must have taken a long time to put together! So many awards and so many nominations! I love reading your blog and have enjoyed our budding. Logging friendship. I also feel honored in your nomination. I agree with you wholeheartedly how hard it is to accept these awards, write about yourself and narrow it down. Great that you did it! I hope to follow through as well. 🙂 n

    • “Holy smokes” – haven’t heard that term used for such a long time! Love it:)
      Yes, Nicole, it did take a while, mostly because every time i thought I had an angle, another award would arrive, and I’d have to rethink how to handle it. The trick is in gathering enough new blogs for the nominations, and summoning sufficient anecdotes about oneself …
      I’ve been enjoying getting to know you, too – and your enthusiasms and prodigious energy:)

      • Thanks! 🙂 I am a rather enthusiastic lady and rather on the hyper sort! I think that is why I’ve got to run, hike and keep busy! Keeps me young and feeling good! I love the blogging world. It has been such a delight and especially to meet and learn about other people’s lives. Everyone I’ve met at WP are fascinating, amazing and kind people! It has truly been wonderful and such a nice outlet for me! 🙂 Keep writing and I will too! 🙂

    • That’s very kind of you – thanks!
      By the way, your call sign – I get the 737 (plane), but the eof, are those initials, or something relating to destinations? Being a busy body, I know, but I always have trouble linking the red gate image, the name and your blog name together – I’m missing a link in a picture of you:)

        • Oh dear, I put you on the spot – that isn’t what I wanted at all:( But, I do love knowing the gate is a temple door from Kyoto – that tells me something I’m very interested to know. Thank you eof:)

                • The Wanderlust Gene? I figure I inherited itchy feet. I can’t remember when I didn’t want to be going somewhere else … My first escapade was pre-school.

                  There were seafaring folk on one side of father’s family, who roamed the world in sailing ships, and if Papa’s elder brother was to be believed, once she caught it, their mother became an inveterate traveller. Papa himself set out to the other side of the world to make a life for himself before he was 17.

                  Ma had it bad too, it having missed a few generations before her, but whole legions of her great grandmother/father/uncles/aunts all took to the high seas in search of new lives, or new adventures. One was an explorer, President of the Royal Geographic Society – in the guise of furthering science, one of the earliest benefactors of men (sic) with wanderlust – and as such, had his name stuck to any number of rivers, lakes, ranges, etc.

                  Like blue eyes, it seems to be dominant … 🙂

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