Sunday Post – Door II

Couldn’t resist a supplementary “Door” post for Jake’s challenge.

Hope you like my see-through doors!

Fitting the new screen doors …

35 thoughts on “Sunday Post – Door II

    • You’re so right Ella. The widely opening French doors looked great but how to keep out the mosquitos (and other crawlies, and larger animals)? In this climate you need to harvest every draught and that’s what my six sets of louvre/screen doors gave me – plus security from pesky pests:)

    • It was exotic, and indeed I did enjoy them every day for two years. Unfortunately, the house turned out to have one too many structural problems, so I sold them to the owner and moved on to a more sound house!

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  2. So, I take it you also don’t have glass windows?? Only asking as in West Africa many windows and doors only have the bug sieves – which is great for letting in what little there is of fresh air, but it also lets in far too much dust (and moped fumes!)…

    • The original French doors had glass panes, but since each room only had a set of French doors one either had no air, or air plus bugs and no sense of security (snakes, iguanas, monkeys, etc.). My sliding louvre/fly screen doors gave me the best of both worlds because it’s just too hot to close doors and windows if I can help it – though we do have a bit of a dust problem.

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