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Running on the spot, most of this week, but since it’s only Thursday night, I’m inspired to enter Jake’s Sunday Post.  My nominees (two are scans, sorry about the quality) are a little along the lines of the sublime to the ridiculous – though I leave it to you to decide which is which!

From the glamour of Spanish Haute Couture circa 1976, come two swanky shots from the Alhambra:

Fur, can you remember?  Fox, I think it was.

And, the photographer – how  simple his SLR looks by today’s models.

And lastly, I couldn’t resist this shot taken a couple of years ago when I capitulated and bought an air conditioner.  I like to call it “How many Abans-men does it take to install an air-conditioner?”.

In all fairness, much of the chaos around them was because we were doing the paving around the pool, at the same time!  But again, can you imagine – barefooted!

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    • Thanks, Robin. I had started to pull a few shots out over the weekend, but they were all a bit earnest, or ethnic, and I ended up with these in the Possibles file and thought they were fun and since I hadn’t quite run out of time, thought I’d give them an airing!

  1. I have to say, looking back at some of the stunning photography produced with SLR and a darkroom–I kind of resent the new digital cameras. I feel it’s too easy to manipulate the shot with digital. Still, time moves on, eh?

  2. so glamorous!!! and the barefoot men, a mismatch between technology and lifestyle … funny to see but oh how we need a bit more light-heartedness in all our onerous health and safety requirements ….

    • What a setting for a photo shoot, eh, and oh so dramatic! And they sure needed those long fur coats, it was late December, with a freezing wind whipping down on us from the high sierra …
      Yes, sometimes I think we’ve nannied ourselves into a bit of a corner vis a vis regulations, but then I think of the dangers and remember seeing people here and in other places working in such appalling circumstances, and i have to submit to nannie’s harping on about “better safe than sorry”.

  3. Fun shots, Mere. Those women, wow . . . they are something straight out of Elizabeth Taylor’s boudoir. 😉

    Okay, bear with me, please . . . So, were you taking photos of the photographer photographing the models? How did you come by such a swanky opportunity?

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  5. Love the extremes you picked! Love the classy old world feel of the first one. The last is a common sight here as well, That is when I begin to question how we can call ourselves a developing nation! On our visit to China I was impressed to see everyone, even street cleanerrs, wearing decent shoes.

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