Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

Lapis lazuli versus the sky  (with a bit of bling thrown in for good measure).

Hope you enjoy one of the lions of the Piazza San Marco.

32 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

  1. Lovely picture, Mere.

    May I just say that I LOVE you using the word “bling”. That gave me a much needed smile this morning . . . er, afternoon. I didn’t stumble into bed until after 5 a.m. Wednesday morning, and I am having trouble collecting my thoughts. I am hoping they don’t leave splatter marks over everyone blogs. 😉

    Hope you are sleeping well!
    12:15 p.m. — Wednesday.

    ~ Cara

    • Bling’s the thing! How else to describe an overabundance of gilt and gold leaf dazzling in the sun? How’s it going today dear, a bit better? We’ve been sweltering away without electricity all day – no fan (can you imagine, in the pre-monsoon heat? Won’t elaborate!), or internet … Just catching up before I climb into bed … 🙂
      11.47 pm Thursday

  2. I love the winged lion. Do you by chance know if he is made of actual gold? As beautifully detailed as he is, I suspect he has been there for awhile, and once upon a time, quality overshadowed quantity. … so,I am left curious (and obviously too lazy to look up the answer myself, hoping you already know it.) 🙂 Do you? If so, prey tell.

  3. Ah, my favorite color 🙂
    Lapis has been used to get that blue coloring for several years by our ancestors. Love the day sky blue with the created night sky blue, shades.

    • Hey, thanks! It’s difficult taking photographs of iconic buildings/views. Also the pack of people in the Piazza made conventional shots messy so I was looking for representative images and of course there are three lions in the square so was concentrating on ways of shooting them!

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