Unofficial Weekend Photo Challenge – Reflections

Reflections from where, Venice of course!

I’m following the unofficial challenge set by Ailsa at Where’s my backpack?

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93 thoughts on “Unofficial Weekend Photo Challenge – Reflections

    • He, Jennifer:) It’s my favourite too – just so weird and wonderful. Funny that – once you settle somewhere exotic, it’s sometimes hard to get up and trip around. La Serinissima has been there a while (a lot longer than the doomsaayers of the 70s would have had us believe) – I guess it’ll be there for a while yet, but you’d better get on your bike and make a plan, at least:)

  1. Beautiful photos. I am stunned that some of these were taken mere (Ha! I just realized that the word mere, and the abbreviated version of your name, Mere, are spelled the same, though pronounced differently of course. Boy, that was a tangent!) feet from your window . . . Incredible. Thank you for sharing.

    Happy Sunday to you, Mere, and a Happy Dog-Mom day, as well. 😉

    • I’ve taken to renting a room or bedsit when I stay somewhere more than a few days – it’s cheaper and much nicer than staying in a hotel, and if you’re lucky (or have done your homework well), you’re rewarded by wonderful things like canals alongside the bedroom window. Sometimes it was difficult to get to sleep, so intent was I on listening to all the different sounds one hears being on top of the water like that.

      Cara, Cara what on earth was that all about? Mere – what’s this abbreviation you’ve given me? I’m not a very Merri, or Meeri, sort of person, though I do submit to the occasional Mer, as in La Mer ….

      The Girls didn’t give me breakfast in bed, present me with a bunch of roses, or a card, but Maggie did jump up on the sofa after dinner to look soulfully into my face (to ask why the hell she wasn’t served roast pork and all the trimmings!).

      It’s Monday, 9.14 am – and the senior Miss Kotte wants her breakfast. If you don’t mind … 🙂

      • Do you not like it? I can stop referring to you as Mere (rhymes with Care) if you’d like me to. I don’t know, though . . . I rather like it for you; not necessarily having anything to do with mirth or merriment, but I think, perhaps, if we were living in the same house and I needed you for something, but didn’t know where to find you, I might shout “Mere? Where are you?”. It’s completely up to you, however. 😉

        Ah, yes. No sweet letters signed with paw prints for me either, I’m afraid. Bella did, however, disrupt a bag of rubbish today and sneak off to her bed with a chicken bone. Naughty thing, she is. I hope you and the Girls had a wonderful day together!

        10:35 p.m. signing off for the evening.

        • Mere rhymes with care: ok, Cara, I’ll go along with that:)
          Seems your Bella is as naughty as Magggie when it comes to stealing food.
          It’s getting hot – they’re flaked out downstairs, on the cool of the concrete floor – not a peep out of them and absolutely no help doing the dusting and mopping, I might add …
          Hope you slept well? I must log off now and write an advertisement to see if I can find another angel to look after us …

          • I’m glad. 😉 I have grown rather partial to your nickname. I think this is because I never had one myself.

            Yes, Bella . . . she’s become somewhat of a stinker; not to mention, a tubby one! Rascal weighed less than 5 lbs when we rescued her (and nearly bald, thanks to malnutrition. Oh, but I won’t get into that, Makes me so angry I cry) and now she’s a plump 7.5. I love kissing her plump spot. 😉

            Your girls are smart ones! They know where to find the cool spot; however, if you come downstairs later tonight and find them with their heads bent together in the freezer, we might have a problem on our hands. LOL. I had a giggle picturing them on their tummies, heads flat beneath their front paws. Too cute.

            I did, thank you! Yesterday was a bit of “Around the World” as we attempted in celebrating all three moms in our lives. It was a wonderful day, though, and I think each woman felt respectively special and honored.

            You’re looking for an angel?

            Coffee in hand, hot shining sun, and Bella nibbles on her bone in the background. Oh yes, and it’s 9:38 a.m. of course. Hope your evening is winding down nicely.

    • Sort of under control – but moving things along, which is the trick to breaking the bad spell, I think Madhu:)

      I’m glad you also like the man taking stock of the work order (Doors and Windows) – it’s always been a favourite: such a normal, domestic scene seems so incongruous in Venice where nothing’s normal or domestic. 🙂

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    • You’re very welcome! It was fun choosing which reflections to present (I seem to get trapped in memory mode whenever I revisit my Venice library), so I’m glad you liked them too:)

  3. These are gorgeous, I love love love Venice. Need to revisit sometime soon – you’ve given me crazy wanderlust! Thanks for joining in the challenge. xxx

    • Oh no, thank you for presenting the challenge! I kept checking to see what it was to be this week, over and over again, and was so relieved when I saw you’d put up your hand to co-ordinate one through your network. It’s been fun, and I’ve met the work of lots of new bloggers (including your Echo and the Id) which has been a very enjoyable bonus.
      I’ve fulfilled my duty to the water sprites then, re-infecting someone else with Venice-lust … 🙂

  4. I love these photos of Venice. I haven’t been there and now I can see what I’ve missed. My favourite photo is the bow wave. Doors and windows comes a close second. Great work!

    • Now that’s fantastic, if I’ve managed to infuse you with a little of the magic of the place. I’m the luckiest girl on earth for the time I’ve been able to spend there, and love it more and more each visit. Now that I don’t have to be a tourist there anymore (unless I want to revisit a certain picture, or the Piazza of a Sunday evening, to gawk at the thousands of people who’ve come to be in the square for sunset, etc.) I have time to watch, and even sometimes be a part of, everyday life in a place that’s far from being everyday. It’s a most seductive feeling – more so in Venice, for me, than most anywhere else for some reason (well, I’ve been bewitched, so it’s no secret to me!).

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  8. Well met via WordPress!. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. These photos around Venice are beautiful. They remind me of times I have enjoyed there, finding a quiet corner away from the crowds where you can just sit and look, and let your mind wander.

  9. Hi
    I LOVE Venice… been twice and hope to again on day. We went to Italy in 2008 and spent time in Rome and just didn’t get a chance to get to Venice. One day 🙂
    Your pics are awesome!

    • It’s difficult making choices when time’s an issue. You either find yourself gadding about like a … , or you have to choose a couple of places and immerse yourself as much as you can, given the time you have. My first couple of visits were a bit like that, way too fleeting, but the day I left the second time, I was standing at a window of the vaporetto, gazing out, drinking it all in as though it might be my last sight of the Rialto, and it started to drizzle – immediately I had this crazed notion that Venice was weeping to see me go (yea, yea, I said crazed!), when of course it was me who was weeping. By the time I got to Switzerland I’d decided to change my whole trip and spent a wonderful week with my friend Susan, talking and laughing, as one does with one’s best friends, and planning a three month residency in La Serenissima. I tell you, it’s the water sprites, and they draw me back again and again, to some little garrett or room, to immerse myself once again in the heady joys of glinting water and knowing stonework …
      Thanks dear for your encouragement:)

      • Last trip we did see a lot of Rome. My husband was tired of the ruins some days as I drug him from place to place… I was in awe since I had studied ancient art and architecture and now better understood what I heard about or seen previous trips. That was worth it and just left me a reason to go back to Italy.
        I know the feeling of drinking it all in and not ready to leave. I try to etch it all in my mind – I feel I may forget everything, so I need to soak it up and carry it with me.

  10. That is certainly an impressive set of photos. Any one of them would have worked perfectly for the theme, but grouped together, they are very complimentary of each other, and, I think, serve to bring out the detail in each other by comparing them. The sun’s angles in one, colors in the other, texture in the other,etc., make each take unique … which adds so much flavor to the group. I love the effect of the 3rd shot and how it stands out from the rest, although I can’t say it is my favorite. That would be an extremely difficult choice to make in this selection of shots. 🙂 Great share.

    • Orples, I do appreciate your thoughtful comments on my Venice reflections. Yes, I did want them to act as a total package because reflections are such an integral part of one’s visual experience of Venice. Including the reflection (without it’s real life image) was part of that exercise:)

  11. The sunshine in these reflections is simply beautiful and I am green with envy at all of them but particularly the view from the bedroom window. Such lapping lullabies!

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