Six Sixes on a Friday

Excuse me if  I’m stepping on anyone’s toes ripping off Six Word Saturdays, with Six Sixes on a Friday, but you can see the week’s gone from bad to worse:

Maid’s gone, room emptied, left debt.

Dog’s been sick, washing machine broken.

Car’s with the mechanic, need wheels.

Calling for help useless, phone’s fried.

And the last straw:

Camera full of images, can’t download.

What I’d really like to do is close off the bedroom, turn the air conditioning to chill, and install myself on the bed with a good book – that is, if my Kindle copy of Diplomatic Incidents has downloaded in readable form.  But there’s no food in the house, and while that wouldn’t bother me too much, my canine girls are ravenous greedy-guts Beagles, and we all know what an empty Beagle can be like.  And that washing won’t do itself …  I always said this house was way too big – way, way, way too big – for one woman and her Girls – now I’m about to experience first hand what that flippant assessment means in reality.

I don’t know whether I will be able to post regularly for a while – I hope you understand and don’t desert me – couldn’t cope with that too, right now.  To reassure you I’m down but not (completely) out, some sunshiny yellow flowers from the creeper over the back wall …

63 thoughts on “Six Sixes on a Friday

  1. … sounds complicated and I hope all works out well for you but in the meantime if you could just manage to continue to post just a few photos from time to time of your lovely flowers, we’ll know you’re alive & managed to feel the Beagles & yourself at least 🙂

  2. I would have despaired after the second on the list, vomiting dogs and washing machine not working are bad enough on their own, let alone together. Can’t really get much worse after that.

    OK it could, no internet and no cooker would really have me tearing my hair out.

  3. Hang in there! But I think you’ll be okay – anyone who can notice a lovely yellow flower near the back wall, and share it, in the midst of all that stuff will be more than okay.:-)

    • Oh yes, nothing earth shattering, just having to deal with it takes time and is sooooooo irritating and …. You liked the yellow-flowered climber? I’ve forgotten its name. It’s glorious, with the sun shining through, isn’t it? Thanks for the thumbs up:)

  4. Mere . . .

    You go take care of you and those girls. You know we’ll be here when you get back, right? Don’t even think twice about the emails — there will always be emails to answer and posts to read. Sanity is a fickle rose bush in need of constant pruning. Go prune!

    Thinking of you this morning at 10:38 a.m., and sending up prayers for peace.

    Blessing to you, dear lady,

    • No more email hassles – turned off all email notifications – no half measures here! Now the pressure’s right off and I feel liberated. In fact, I was beginning to drown before the comments influx. I prefer it this way, where I just browse, when I have time. An email in an inbox demands action, and as I’ve said, I don’t need any excuses to procrastinate.

      Shopping’s done – and put away neatly, logically, as I like it. I’ve cooked up a big batch (plus some for the freezer) for the Girls, phone’s working again, and the plumber says he’s coming. It’s so hot here even padded mattress covers dry in a matter of hours, so that was all back to rights by dusk, and a couple of power outages were the ideal times to do a bit of dusting and sweeping. Bathrooms are easy to do when you’re showering, and ditto kitchens/cooking.

      One thing I learned at boarding school (it cost me dearly in demerit points till I did, but has been a great help ever since I conceded) is to keep things tidy. It takes barely any more time to take something off and put it in the basket, than it does not to put it in the basket, but at the end of the day there’s no mess, and it’s mess that makes me feel guilty and lazy about not looking after myself.

      So far I’m coping ok, though it’s painful still, especially around the small of my back and hips – the broken bits are fine. Hope I can keep it up. But really, it’s good for me to be independent again (for a while!). It’s certainly good exercise, though I’m still soooo not nimble on those stairs!

      It’s 1.30 Saturday afternoon. I’ll see if there’s a photo competition posted before I make lunch and investigate why the garbage man hasn’t come yet …

  5. Oh, that doesn’t sound good! But I am thinking it can’t possibly get worse! Yep, do keep posting signs that you are OK 🙂 We’ll still be here when you return.

    • I was just saying to Cara it’s probably good that I’m having to be independent again (for a while at least). The accident has made me a bit dependent in the mind, if you know what I mean. And there’s nobody saying I can’t sweep in the cool of the night, if that’s what takes my fancy! The garden’s suffering a bit though. Once it cools down I must give it a bit of love:)

    • It’s passing, Naomi. I have to admit turning off all email notifications has been a help (no guilting about full or otherwise inboxes) and mod cons being fixed one by one … The girls seem happy actually, and that’s all that matters.

  6. Oh Wanderlust, what a week! So sorry! Take your time, and we’ll be here when you get back. Your girls, by the way, sound just great 🙂 Hope the one who is sick is soon feeling better and both are soon full of chow…

    • Dogs are like children Kate (as I’m sure you know). Unless there’s something badly the matter, they’re sick one minute, up and playing the next. Little Miss thanks you though, for your concern. She was rather chuffed in fact, because Akka (big sister) usually gets all the attention.

      Everything feeling momentarily serene:)

    • Thanks Tilly. You can say that again!

      But it’s better already. Writing about it helped. And turning off all email notifications. And having a bit of a laugh and … Now if only I could figure out how to link myself to Six Word Saturdays I would be as happy as a little piggy … 🙂

  7. Wow you have had quite the week… must have been that crazy moon! Hee Hee. Hmmm though I wonder since a few other friends have had a bunch dumped on their laps, or the perverbal rug pulled out from under them.

  8. Well it’s Saturday here now, and hopefully all is going much better with you, though you do manage to bring a big smile in the midst of gloom and disaster.
    I love the yellow flower … what a cheerful, uplifting bloom.

    • More sunshiny than sunflowers, I think! Yes, I felt things turn around once I devised my coloured sixes, and cut the flow of emails – no pressure now, just a pile of stuff to manage, one step at a time. Crisis passed:)

      • I think cutting the flow of emails is an excellent idea … I downloaded mine to my phone while I was travelling, and that was bad enough, now they’ve all come through AGAIN on my PC, and I’ve all that deleting to do again and wondering if I replied or not to some!! I think turning off the flow sounds like a wise decision … and I’m off to find that button now … if the jet lag doesn’t get me first.
        I’m glad today is sunnier in more ways than one …

  9. Almost fell off my bed, where I am hiding from heat and finding relief in a chilled ale, when I read this! Love the sunshine in your flowers and wishing you cheers for comfort and relief soon. Take it easy!

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