Weekly Photo Challenge – Unfocused II

I’m not going to subject you to the file of unfocused photographs I managed to take with my new pocket camera over at the weekend – some of them might amuse us but in the end they’ll make me cry.

So, instead of a little taste of Bible Rock, or  Wesak preparations in the villages we passed through, I can’t resist posting Unfocused Mark II – Tet  Celebrations on Halong Bay.  Both absolutely unplanned, both way out of focus, and both, I think, fabulous shots.  And while you’re having a peek at them, I’ll get back to that inbox – I’m determined to empty it today:)

Tet Celebrations, Halong Bay

Ships lights and Tet fireworks, Halong Bay

34 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Unfocused II

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    • when I first loaded it onto the computer I was devastated (of course) that it wasn’t in focus, but it wasn’t long before those gorgeous golden ripples and reflections won me over. Now I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  3. Ah, I see. The lights on the water are dramatic and lovely. What a wonderful surprise!
    Thank you for visiting and commenting on my mufflers. I assumed real photographers would think they were child’s play. 🙂

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    • It’s just one of those things! I was trying for much more realistic shots – now I can’t imagine why
      By the way, I’ll answer your Bougainvillea question and gather together the links you’ll need to stop the email influx. But right not, you can stop making future problems for yourself by adopting a new protocol when you’re making a comment on anyone’s blog. There is now a little blue tick in one of the boxes immediately below the comment box you type in. YOU MUST DISABLE IT before you post your comment!

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