I’ve Gone Upcountry

On a mini-adventure upcountry.  Pretty, no?

Catch up properly when I get back.  It’s Wesak this weekend – there will be colourful lights in almost every home and business, the temples will be crowded, and community groups will be giving Dhansila to pilgrims from down the street.  We came upon an elephant on her way to a temple, and hidden valleys, and flowering trees in the forests and along the roadways.  It’s another world, out here, away from the city.

27 thoughts on “I’ve Gone Upcountry

    • Purple flowering stuff? A bit exotic, eh? At first I thought it must be some type of Tibouchina, but the flowers grow in sort of candles, so I’ll have to dow a bit more research, I think.

  1. Sounds wonderful! More pictures please 🙂
    The tree looks like a jacaranda to me, but I may be wrong.

    • Let’s hope I get some decent pictures to show you! By the way, not a jacaranda – the petals are arranged like a daisy rather than a bell, also colour more mauve than jacaranda blue. Thanks for dropping by Signe. I’ve a lot of catching up to do to keep up with your trip. Hope it’s going well?

      • Now that you say it, it suddenly doesn’t look like a jacaranda… Now I’m really curious to know what it is 🙂
        Yours is the only blog I have caught up with since I left. There is no time, which I do not feel guilty about. It has been an amazing trip so far. My work is developing so fast I cannot believe it, in a much more positive way than I could have hoped for. The private meetings have also been fantastic; I think it is partly because I have time… Last time I was here I had to run from place to place and only saw people once. This time I have time to come back. It changes the conversation.
        Have a great weekend!

    • A world away from our normal lives, eh? Everyone was making a fuss over her, feeding her bananas, following for a while – but elephants’re hard to keep up with, especially when they’ve got a temple appointment to keep:)

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  3. Lovely tree . . . what kind of blooms are those, do you know? And how would you go about pronouncing Wesak? I wouldn’t even know where to begin!

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