The ABC of Me?

Last week, in the midst of feeling a bit overwhelmed and inadequate a message out of the blue brought that sting to the eyes you get when you’re surprised, gratified, proud and disbelieving all at the same time.  It was from Robin Coyle, Writer, over in California, and she had nominated me for an Awesome Blog Content Award – Awesome Blog Content?  Whoopee!  If Robin says so, then that means something to me, because she’s a writer, a good one.  Thank You, Robin, I am delighted to accept the award and will display it on my sidebar with pride.

With the honour comes the duty however, as the Award asks recipients to list 26 alphabetical things about themselves, and to nominate other Bloggers.  You’ll surely understand then why it’s taken me the better part of a week to sit down to write my acceptance speech:  26 characteristics of moi, and then the nominations?

To be a nominator should be a pleasurable task, and in that vein I put aside my misgivings about the act of choosing (one over another) – and nominate the following Blogs whose content has struck me as awesome for one reason or another.

Canadian Art Junkie – the very best of Canadian contemporary art, and/or contemporary art exhibited in Canada.  He doesn’t write enough, in my opinion, but his curatorial skill and the sheer brilliance of what he showcases in this Blog is top of my list for Awesome Blog Content today.  From here you can visit his other sites showcasing works from the global art scene.

Kate Shrewsday always satisfies my need for detail, rare, out of the way detail that draws threads from unlikely places to spin stories leading to other unlikely places.

Mira Goes to Market.  Mira’s got her head deep in her books just now, but while she’s finishing her masters, we can catch up on her life through markets Blog.  I don’t know about you but to learn a bit of history, taste fantastic food, and take a dip into other people’s (interesting) lives is always a treat.

If you like New York, then a trip to Necessary Cruelty will do the trick.  Highly theatrical, highly opinionated, and highly entertaining, the man in the hat has put together some awesome Blog content in a very short career on our site.

A visit to The Urge to Wander is almost as good as going there yourself.  Madhu gives us lashings of detail, and with her designer’s eye her gorgeous pictures complete the scene perfectly.

And finally, to celebrate his 4th anniversary, the awesome catalogue of Worth Doing Badly will have something to delight everyone.

I can’t put it off any longer, so here’s the ABC of Me:

A = Robin suggested awesome as a suitable start, but I’m uncomfortable with that.  I’m thrilled someone considers my blog to be awesome in any way, but not me.  On the other hand, my (nationalistic) misgivings aside, I find I definitely am Australian, and am glad so see so many others here in our Blog.  I might have said ambitious once, but my Australian-ness seems to be the more assertive characteristic as I grow older.  I used to be pretty assertive too, and won’t be pushed around, but see B.2 below.

B = Backward.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s just that I’ve discovered I seem to do things backwards.  A few (mis)adventures notwithstanding, my adolescence I went through in my mid-twenties, my parenting skills were honed in my late fifties.  Also, I’m terribly backward at coming forward, something I used not to be, but it’s true.

C = Comfortable.  I learned to be comfortable with myself at an early age.  I had to.  I was an only child growing up in the country.

D = Digressive – you might have noticed.

E = Eager.  Enthusiastic.  Excitable.  Ernest.

F = Fidgety.  I only recognized this lifelong characteristic when I began to meditate.  Always fidgeting.

G = Generous, but in a grumpy way.  Don’t like the grand gesture, nor do I like to be forced into generosity.

H = Heavy, a little lugubrious, sometimes – but this is only one facet of my personality.

I = Interested.  Everything interests me – even economics and poetry.  I love to know about people, how things work, why, why, why?

J = I’m not jealous.  Oh yes, I’ve felt it, but somehow it never becomes viridian (forever an emphatic vi-RID-ian thanks to Cara at This Little Light.  Thanks Cara.)

K = Keen.  Yes, covered by E, but also in the sense of dedicated and committed.

L = Lazy.  Ma always said so and it turns out in a way she was right.  Mother’s are usually right, right?

M = Yes, some might call me moralistic.  I don’t mind.  I’ll always leap into the fray to right a wrong.  Don’t get me started.  It has to do with responsibility, and honour.

N = Nitpicker.  A hangover from my days as a control freak and perfectionist, I just can’t seem to let go of the details.

O = Optimistic.  Ma was always accusing me of being a Pollyanna.  This was a gross exaggeration.

P = Procrastinator.  A new characteristic I’m not happy to see.  Not so long ago I would have had to admit to perfectionist, but that was beat out of me by two ninetyish dependents.

Q = Quiet.  I like to listen, and I like to be quiet so I can feel the stillness.

R = Receptive (open, amenable, approachable, affable) – characteristics inherited from my beloved Papa.

S = Sensuous.   I’ll leave it at that.

T = Truthful (of course), but also in the sense of frank, open, straightforward, and certainly a seeker after the truth.

U = Uncomplicated.  What you see is what you get.

V = Voluble, vociferous.  Once I get going, it’s difficult to be more moderate in my speech and enthusiasm, sometimes leading to (cultural) misunderstandings.

W = Wanderer.  I took my first unchaperoned trip at age four, when I persuaded my ‘de facto’ brother we should find a shop to buy sweets.  It was barely light out and with tuppence we rode the bus from Newport to Palm Beach and nobody questioned us.  It was a little more difficult getting back to his parents’ holiday house with no money.

X = Xtreme.  A bit, though I’m trying to temper these traits.

Y = I’m not afraid of hard yakka, and like a well-told yarn;  I’m not a yobbo or a yes (wo)man, nor any more a youngster, but I’m still uncomfortable with the yukky stuff.

Z = Zealous, in a good way of course:  fervent, ardent, a little intense at times.

There!  Pass the baton.  Go and visit some Awesome Blogs.  Get talking.  

60 thoughts on “The ABC of Me?

  1. Firstly, congratulations to you! Your blog and more importantly, You, are Awesome. (Suck it up. I’m complimenting you, and you’ll just have to endure it!) Secondly, the award seasons are interesting; you’ll notice that once you get one, the others will start to pour in. Then, summer heat dries out the flooded ravines — mercifully! — and you can go on with your life. 🙂 I am offering you warning, though: if you haven’t received them all yet, you most definitely will!

    Okay . . . I was not expecting the little mention. In fact, I was busying copying another one of your ABC’s — all of which I loved, by the way, particularly G,Q, R, T, and V — when I glanced down. Without spoiling anything, I’ll only say that I have a little something up my sleeve, for somewhere on down the road. Oops! Should I go back up and see what you have to say about surprises? 😉

    Oh, and in response to that comment about “not managing to get that far” or something to that effect, I defer to THIS post.

    Cheers and Blessings to you, Meredith!

    • Firstly, thanks for the congratulations. Second, I sucked it up. Third, thanks for the warning and if for no other reason than I love the idea of the summer heat drying out the flooded ravines, I’m avid for that part too!
      Fourthly, is it?. I told you I just loved your ‘viridian’. It’s a word we never seem to use and I adore the sound of it, and being that smokey, blue green green, very descriptive of Australia, but as it’s even less acceptable to use words like viridian there where we’re not supposed to expose our vocabulary – ANY excuse to use it will be grasped and low and behold: there it was, and it was the ideal way of saying thank you for your support without putting you through the trials of alphabetising yourself.
      Fifthly, love surprises – they’re the best. Don’t even mind bad things so much if they’re a surprise. Think about it. Much rather have my head chopped off – whoop – than die by a thousand cuts. The suspense would kill me first.
      It’s 10 on Tuesday, by the way:)

      • I read this comment a couple days ago, smiled warmly, then thought, “I’ll reply when I’m a bit more awake.” Then I forgot.

        Anyway, the joy is mine, for I was able to enjoy it all over again this morning. I appreciate you not subjecting me to ABC’s again; once was quite enough!

        I agree with you 100% about the surprises. If something bad or untoward is coming at me, I would much rather have zero time to prepare for it.

        It’s 10:27 a.m. now, and I am having the most splendid cup of coffee. 🙂

        • It’s now 3.43 pm Monday 7th and I’ll bet your coffee’s cold, as is the glitter of our conversation, because I’m brain dead. I’m paying the price for going away – I don’t think I’ll ever get through these emails:(

          • My friend, you sound a bit lugubrious today. I have these days as well and they are a scourge. How might I cheer you up? What if I tell you it’s okay to delete a few blog posts/emails this week? Mine included. But if you do get around to my most recent post, perhaps a quick glance at the middle-ish? Oh, but if it’s going to overwhelm you, it simply isn’t worth it!

            Our conversation, btw, will never be glitter-less; not with the likes of us. I have a fresh cup of coffee before me, a lovely lady sings in the background, and I am healthy. It is good.

            Happy Tuesday to you!

            • V I R I D I A N 🙂
              Thank you dear, what a marvelous way to start the day! That and your mollifying words. Now I have to go empty that inbox before it takes over my hard drive.
              By the way, it’s very true that deprivation of anything will drive us into the arms of an overdose (oh, ok, overindulgence).
              It’s 5.30 Tuesday:)

            • Ah, a sweet-treat for my Tuesday evening!

              I must say that I am very impressed with you, M. You managed to get around to all those emails promptly and thoughtfully. At least I can only assume you did, as your comments to me are always such a pleasure to read.

              Oh, yes, I agree with you about deprivation and subsequent overdose. Even moderation should be attended to in moderation. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the ABC award, I’m a newbie to your blog via Robin Coyle and I already look forward to the email notifications of your new posts. Your A-Z’s ares great, & I’m proud to be a fellow Aussie 🙂 EllaDee

    • Many thanks, Ella. Funny, I’ve never felt the need to reach out before but here in this Blogosphere I really do feel the urge to put my finger up. Not that I need to congregate, but so others know, is all:)

      • Did that come out the wrong way? I’m delighted to be meeting some other Aussies here, and hanging out – I was trying to say I didn’t feel a need to be just with us, do you know what I mean?

  3. Well now you made me cry. That was beautiful my sweet friend. Beautiful. Can’t wait to check out your nominees. Oh gosh, isn’t this fun?

  4. Thank you so much for your exceptionally kind description of my Canadian Art Junkie blog and your perceptive feedback that I do not write enough (which is entirely true and the product of being a full time journalist who write all day and is steamed out after).

    I am deeply honored by your selection of the blog, and blown away by the energy you put into your ABCs, along with your thoughtful commentary on other bloggers. I’ll go to them all. Great ABCs, by the way, extremely interesting. (I share your “I” and I loved your “W”)

    I will now have to consider how to approach this. Hmmmm.

    • Now boomerontario (did you know boomer is slang for kangaroo?) you just take your time and let the thought of you wander about your subconscious for a while then let it rip! We’ll be waiting with great interest.
      I’m so glad you’re participating in our networking games, and haven’t taken offence at my nitpicking about the lack of commentary on your (otherwise fabulous) blog.
      By the way, “The Church” took me back – I’d forgotten how bowled over I was when I first came in touch with your Group of Seven when I was living in Canada back in the 70s.

      • Thank you for the time frame. I’m not sure how I’m going to work it in, but it is very appealing. BTW, that church calls out to me, always has. There’s something mystical about it, even if you know nothing about the remarkable Emily Carr. It’s in my kitchen, where I see it every day (a print, obviously, but I’ve seen the original many times here at the Art Gallery of Ontario).

        • It’s a bit like a face with no features – the exaggeratedly lush setting with the stark white of the building, a bit like a silhouette – almost dares you to come closer, closer … The kitchen’s a good place for it because it’s not part of the decor, to blend into the overall ‘setting’ of a room. There, it’ll stand out every time, screaming look at me, and you do because you notice it every time you pass. (I often put special things in the bathroom for the same reason.)

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