Twice Nominated … How Can That Be?

Don’t you think we’re part of an exceptionally supportive blogging community?  And friendly?

Every time I meet a new blogger out of the blue, or read of virtual blogging parties being proposed between new friends, it makes me think of my (dear, departed) friend Emily, who believed we had a duty to make our friendship circles grow.  In a time before the internet (shock, horror!), she had a couple of rules about parties:   if you accepted her invitation, you were expected to bring a stranger along (yes, you could bring your partner too, but s/he wasn’t as important as your ‘other’); and once you’d said your hello’s, she didn’t want to see you glued to the one place all night, deep in conversation with your old mate so and so.  No.  The directive was clear:  circulate, move around and meet new people.   That was a party!

Well, it seems as though our blogging community could well be an Emilysphere.  For, out of the blue, two lovely, supportive fellow bloggers have this week nominated The Wanderlust Gene for the Versatile Bloggers Award.   I am grateful and proud to accept, acknowledge and reciprocate, and yes, in the spirit of  getting to know you all a little better, whisper a handful of personal anecdotes in your ear.

I have been following the Canadian Travel Bugs Blog with interest, both for the pleasure of travelling with them, and for their fresh impressions of the Middle Kingdom as they experience living in a culture so remote from their normal existence.  Thank you guys, for your support.

And thank you, also, to my second proposer, who could hardly come from a more different place.  YAS is from Nigeria.  He’s an avid writer and along with  his poetry, plays and fiction, he also writes articles with potent images of the cultural and religious tensions which beset his country.  A visit to his blog is an opportunity not to be missed, for a person who wants to know how other people live.

In turn I would like to recommend these blogs to you – versatile, newish bloggers (mostly) – in alphabetical order:

An Uneducated Palate – An eclectic blog of all things food – from art to recipes, and much else as well.

Angelinem’s Blog – Photography in situ – and doing nifty things with an iPhone.

Dodging Commas – Here, one can sample all things writing, from experimentation, inspiration and a helping hand through the minefield that is English grammar.

Expat Alien – Growing up abroad, living abroad, being a foreigner in one’s own country – an interesting perspective on life.

Food Safari – Food, glorious food – international influences.

Journal of an Adventurous Mother – I don’t care how many awards she has, how famous her blog is, if you haven’t been there …  Sara Lawton is on an elephant expedition in Nepal right now.

NylonDaze – Living between New York and London – modern society and what’s engaging just now.

One Man’s Meat – Meat ‘n Potatoes like you always wished it was, laced with lashings of  Irish humour.

shabnamphoto – Photography with real zing – from artless activity snaps to a magnificent portrait of Haiga Sophia in Istanbul.

Hurtled Past 60 & Now Beyond – Anyone who loves gardens is ok in my book.

Third Eye Mom – Behind the lens from Antigua to Nepal .

Worth Doing Badly – A seasoned writer of wit and panache.

Not anecdotes, precisely, but a few things about me I don’t think you’ll know:

  • I had my (very long) hair shaved to raise money for  Leukaemia.   I liked it so much I kept it like that till I came back to Sri Lanka, where you need more hair, really.
  • The only number I can reliably remember is that of my passport.
  • I’m a childless only child.
  • I admit I’m a bit fussy – and  people tell me so.  Perhaps I’m a control freak?
  • Champagne for choice (or a good dry Australian méthode champenoise, or a Prosecco … , very cold).
  • After the cafe opened downstairs at Sydney Dance Company I got the shakes I drank so much coffee.  Oops – had to give it up.
  • So now I’m a tea lady – which is just as well, living in a land of tea.  Strong, just a splash of milk, and a few grains of sugar.  The best cup is the one Shriyarni brings me when I wake in the morning.

Thank you once again, Canadian Travel Bugs and YASNiger for the compliment of nomination.

50 thoughts on “Twice Nominated … How Can That Be?

  1. Congratulations on your award….very well deserved! And thank you so much for the mention of my blog, that is much appreciated. And now I plan to delve into the others you mention…I love finding new writers/photographers! Your friend, Emily, was a wise woman.

  2. Congratulations!!!! I agree 100% that the blogging community is amazing. I have made so many friends from blogging and have actually now met four of them in person! Amazing! It is most the reason why I keep going. I love writing and love reading (other blogs). Thanks for the nomination for me too! I just got nominated by another friendly blogger, igardendaily, last week which inspired my post “A cup of joe and my daily blogs”. You were of course featured on there so in a sense I nominated you before you nominated me (ha ha). Seriously, Thanks again! Since I’ve already done this one a few times, I’m going to sit back and check out those new treasures on your list, the ones I haven’t discovered yet! 🙂 Nicole

    • Oh dear, it’s all getting very intertwined, Nicole! Hope you find a few more kindred spirits from my other nominees – how amazing to have met cyber friends in real life – I think you must be an accomplished networker:)

  3. Congratulations! I enjoy spending time here and think you deserve this award and many many more! Now I’m off to check out some of those links.

  4. Thank you so much for the nomination. I too am amazed at how blogging brings us together. Somewhat like us all sitting down around the table and sharing a meal, which is one of life’s great pleasures, particularly with a mix of old and recently discovered friends. Nice to meet ye all…

  5. Congratulations on this well-deserved award and thanks very much for passing it forward to me! I’m truly flattered and I would have told you so sooner except that I’ve been side-tracked for most of the day reading all of the amazing blogs you’ve recommended! I’ve been following Angeline M’s wonderful blog for awhile now but the others are all new to me.

    By the way, I think I would have loved to have met your friend Emily. She sounds like a warm and generous human being…who just so happened to know how to throw a party!

    • I’m so glad to have introduced you to bloggers you’ve not met before – that means the friendship circles are expanding, which is just what my fabulous friend would have liked to hear too. That’s great news. Now off you go, do your bit, and introduce us to (they say 15 nominations, but I ran out of puff) some of the new bloggers you’re following, and share a few personal stories, keep the circles growing … 🙂

  6. Hello, and thanks for being a regular visitor to my blog!
    Congratulations on your dual nomination, and for fulfilling all the conditions!
    I have been nominated by Jennifer Avventura for the Versatile Blogger Award, but she very kindly allowed me to bow out of some of the conditions…
    It’s so nice to meet fellow bloggers with quality sites!

    • Thanks Margaret for your congratulations and compliment. It’s interesting how the ego responds with great joy to one’s nomination, then the hard work has to be done – what on earth am I going to say about myself, and how to nominate new bloggers without offending. A bit of a double edged sword and I’m sure you breathed a bit of a sigh of relief not to have to participate in that part. But, they are great builders of esprit de corps, and a bit of a fillip for us newbies.

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  8. Well done and congratulations to you for your amazing versatility! Thank you so much for the shout out and I am looking fwd to circulating, moving around and meeting new people!

    • Thanks! I’ve been lurking round yours for a while. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to write my posts and chat too so I resort to a quick ‘hi’ just to let you know I’ve dropped by!

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