Sunday Post – Stairway

I have a favourite stairway, and a fabled stairway – both to temples (my favourite places) which I’d like to share with you this Sunday.

Stairs to the temple at Wat Phu, Champasak, Lao.

Detail, Wat Phu stairway:

and my favourite stairway, to the Dagoba in the sky, near Gampaha, Sri Lanka.  I wish the scan of this old print was better, what to do.



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    • You’ve got something there – the magic. These stairways, though steep and badly heaved (?) didn’t seem to repel climbers, rather the opposite, though I used to be a bit puffed when I got to the top! I suppose it’s the desire to get to the temple at the top?

  1. Beautiful photos. Funny you should mention crawling in one of your responses…The first thing I wondered when I saw the first photo was if the people made promises to the gods and if granted crawled to the temple; they do that in Mexico. The people will make a promesa to the Blessed Mother, or God, and if granted will crawl from the entrance in to the church, and sometimes that can be a loooong way.

    • I don’t know enough about those ancient Khmer temples to answer your question Angeline. That type of prostration is still practiced by pilgrims in India, and Tibet, though rarely here in Sri Lanka, except sometimes at Sri Pada.

  2. I have a question about your Bueno widget . . . what widget did you use to create your list of blogroll? I love the simplicity and how organized it is. Thanks! 🙂

  3. fabulous images .. and the Wat Phu stairway looks like the earth in motion, dancing feet to climb it! reminded me of much straighter riverbank stairs in Luang Prabang where my husband sat drawing and was soon surrounded by a crowd of people 🙂

    • yes, I see what you mean about the river stairs at Luang Prabang. I’m sure he was surrounded by a crowd – I saw a woman sketching at Wat Phu and even the policeman were leaning over her shoulder, looking at what she was doing. Interesting, because I’ve rarely seen work so lacking in creativity as the art I saw for sale in Lao. Beautifully executed, but saying nothing. Now, in Jewellery, and especially weaving, the creativity was boundless! Glad my stairs prompted a memory:)

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  5. These are beautiful. I walked up some very large stairs at the Great Wall, with little old ladies passing me by, the stairs taller than they were, and I appreciated each one of them

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    • The world sure is a wonderful place, full of wonderful places. I used to keep a little blue book, but eventually it filled up and I had to stop keeping lists, and concentrate more on regions instead. Sooo much to see … Glad you were inspired, by the way:)

  8. Beautiful old stone steps! I have a little collection of photos like these myself. 🙂 May I ask your advice? I notice that you live in Sri Lanka. I was thinking about traveling there in the next few months, but relatives have expressed concern for my safety. Isn’t it “relatively” safe these days, or should a solo female traveler not brave it alone? Thank you in advance for any info you care to pass along! 🙂

    • I live here alone – have never felt unsafe in atl the years I’ve been coming/living here. People are endlessly curious of a lone woman. You might feel less uncomfortable with the endless questions if you wear a wedding ring and say your hubby is joining you next week. Things are changing a lot, but most people will find it inconceivable you could be unmarried/travelling alone/childless …. Don’t taker it amiss. Keep in touch.

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