A Bloggers’ Mantra?

I was struck by how apposite this injunction* is for us bloggers:


Be the witness of your thoughts.

Otherwise they're likely to end up just a couple of bubbles and a swirling ripple in the viscous water left by the departed whale.


*    Perhaps, pithy but kindly suggestion, would be a more appropriate way to describe the purported sayings of the Buddha recorded in the Dhammapada.

27 thoughts on “A Bloggers’ Mantra?

  1. Stunning! Love the photo and yes, if we are not awake and aware, our thoughts would become our masters. Love the Buddha sayings. He was such a wise man. Wish I could be like that. 🙂
    Great post. 🙂

      • Very tall indeed. I was just having “miserable thoughts” again and then I opened your post. Sometimes I wish there was a on and off switch somewhere. LOL!

          • hehehe, yes I know and sometimes..just sometimes it’s just nice to just sit and feel sorry for myself. LOL! Just for a little while..just to get that feeling that indeed someone is feeling sorry for me..hahahaha. Then I grab my camera and I go and take shots or keep myself busy. It’s easy to keep myself and my thoughts busy. That is another reason why I love blogging here on WP so much. It really does keep you busy. And yes, that is life my dear friend…so much to learn..so much to be grateful for too. 🙂

  2. I’ve always found that writing forces me to focus – I love this phrase, Be the witness of your thoughts. And you taught me a new word today – I had to look up apposite. Thanks.

    • Ahha … I’m overjoyed to have been instrumental in adding to your vocabulary Lynne. it’s always good to learn a new word. It’s one of the thrills of this blogging – being allowed to use some of the vocabulary available to us in our (respective) language/s. I remember, way back, when I lived in Canada, there was an Ontarian politician who got into all sorts of trouble because he spoke too well. Seems to me it’s been happening throughout all forms of communication and I’m a bit fed up with being judged a ‘ponce’ (I think this nice English slang word is the best overall descriptive of the things I’ve been called over the years) just because I love my language and the shades of nuance I can achieve by using it effectively.

  3. powerful little post! since i am not me but the great consciousness it is possible for me to be aware of my thoughts … wonderful to leave the little box of me/I behind and move into true being of the great Self … in which everything is, everything comes and goes moment by moment. thank you friend 🙂

    • Madhu, you surprise me – I’d have thought you were at least bilingual, probably multilingual? But learning new words – in any language, I think – is exciting. We (humans) seem to need to communicate with each other – or is it that we need to express our feelings to elicit a bond with others so we don’t feel so alone? I shouldn’t go there – Earth Day made me very pessimistic …

      • I AM multi lingual. but that is accompanied with the baggage of being master of none 🙂 Fluency is one thing, finding the right words to grab the readers attention is quite another.

        • Ahha! I often wondered about that. It’s something I’ve noticed here in Sri Lanka – even with people who went to school in English – their language simply isn’t expressive. But then you’re comparing apples with oranges – fluency versus story-telling skills. I know people I consider functionally illiterate in English who can tell a story a million times better than me. Those skills seem to have something to do with the way thoughts are organised in our heads …

    • Isn’t it just the weirdest thing? Really, he was there when I pressed the button – or told myself to press the button … But I did get him, breaching, a little later, which is some consolation …

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