Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

As ever, this week’s challenge contained an interpretative dilemma:  should I submit a composition about two individual objects, such as my sentimental favourite – the cat. Red, playing fisticuffs with a spray of deep orange dates?  On the other hand, I was drawn to photographs examining two different ideas, such as the invasion of the Piazza San Marco of a Sunday evening.   I was also drawn to photographs where the elements comprised one of the subjects of the composition.

After my usual tortuous processes of elimination, Sunday Morning Stroll, or Don’t Touch My Radio was the last contender standing.  A piece of cheeky graffiti turns an unremarkable Sunday stroll into a much more dynamic composition, telling a different story about Venice.  I hope you like it too.

Sunday Morning Stroll, or Don't Touch My Radio

20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

    • Too true. One of the photos I was thinking of putting up was Piazza St. Marko over-run with tourists. It seems to be particularly bad on Sunday evenings, as the passengers from both incoming and outgoing cruise ships converge on the square for sunset. One Sunday I counted 12 in the harbour – can you imagine, 12 of those huge ships, each carrying about 2,000 people. It’s a wonder the square hasn’t completely disappeared just from the weight of people:)

        • Ooops! Naomi – I’m on the comments page, not the drop down thingy, so I got a bit confused. Yes, I couldn’t get over it, each Sunday I would go to the Zattere, or somewhere, just so I could see the ships, count them, to make myself understand just how many tourists transit the city every week. Horrifying. But as you say, it’s easy enough to get away from them, which, in a city that small, is a small miracle, really. Then one day, I had to go from Rialto toward St. Marks and used the main drag for a few blocks while I looked for a store I wanted to see – talk about packed. I gave the store a miss!

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