Weekly Photo Challenge: Journey II

I was experimenting with trying to download using less than the original size and since this Journey has been less than successful so far, thought I’d add another to the album of this weeks journeys.

It’s a stage in a journey down the Mekong in Lao.  Here we see the punt before ours, arranged ( 🙂 ) so carefully so as to accommodate the largest number of passengers wishing to cross to Kong Island, the largest of the Si Phan Don, the thousand islands, just above the Khone Falls.  The scene is redolent of such excitement and anticipation it feels as if everyone is about to go home after being on the mainland too long.   Hope you enjoy it.

The punt to Kong Island.

And on the punt, women under their conical hats, continue their journey home  (I’ve always felt a little sorry for this woman, excluded from the intense conversation of the others by their conical hats):

or this

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  3. Great post! I finally caught you and subscribed to your blog! Sorry it took so long! I would love to visit this part of the world. haven’t been there….yet! Where do you live?

    • Hi there! We live in Colombo. I had thought I’d set up house somewhere beautiful, but on reflection thought it would be better to live in the city, to be a little more integrated into the community – difficult to achieve in a small town or village situation and I didn’t want to be part of an expat community – I might just have well stayed at home, then, you know? It’s fascinating to live here and I still feel “wow” whenever I’m out and about. But on the other hand, I know this city almost as well as I know Sydney (or Toronto or London, where I’ve also lived) – better really, because it’s been years (and years) since I lived there.! Look forward to catching up again, and thanks for hitting the F button!

      • Wow! Where are you from originally and how did you end up there? Is there a post in your blog you can direct me to? I’m always interested in reading more about the bloggers I read! My life here is relatively simple as I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A wonderful city of a good size, lots of lakes (over 13,000), nature, restaurants, etc yet not heavy traffic like Chicago. I am here for awhile as my kids are only 5 and 7 yet I know someday I’ll make my poor husband really hit the road with me. I am a travel freak! Colombo sounds so interesting!!!!! Never been but doesn’t mean I won’t someday. 🙂

        • Oh, no, there’s no full disclosure post, sorry:) I was born in country New South Wales, Australia, went to school and worked in Sydney till I took off across the Nullabor to Perth, then a ship to South Africa, another ship to Barcelona … and the rest, as they say, is who I am today. I’ve been to Minneapolis (well, it was really only a sleepover) when i took the Greyhound around your country on my way to Canada back in the early 70s. It’s amazing country and I’m sure Minneapolis is a great place to bring up children. See you around …

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  5. I popped in after your comment at my blog, and found a treasure house to follow! I know what you mean about the expat syndrome: it’s almost impossible to avoid, though when we lived in Seychelles we did our utmost to integrate, and made some lasting friendships. The same happened here in France – when I moved here – on my own for three months while Jock finished his contract, my french was rudimentary, and in our village no-one spoke any English. That stood me in good stead when the Anglophones found us, and we have as many French friends as British.

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  7. Beautiful images, especially the second one! I see this region is way south of Vientiane. Still juggling our itinerary for a very short trip later this year

    • Isn’t it a trip? I don’t know how short you mean by short but the blessing is it’s a tiny country without much traffic so it’s fairly easy to move around. Such diversity – you’re going to have trouble, if it’s tooooo short a trip!

    • It seems to resonate with most everybody, Jude, I guess because of the infiltration of the now into the ancient. I’m glad you chanced upon it. I’m having trouble downloading my 2 Subjects shot, i wonder if that’s the universe talking?

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