Sunday Post – Nature Part II, Inanimate (So-called)

The so-called Inanimate aspects of Nature

As the great forests of the world continue to shrink into ever smaller and more isolated pockets, I nominate the endangered ‘species’, Forest to represent my concept of nature in its so-called inanimate form.  And, hidden within forest clearings, small, delicate plants are the antithesis of the giant heaving organism that is a great forest.

Forest – Knuckles Ranges, Sri Lanka

In 1821, the Englishman John Davy wrote in his “An Account of Ceylon”,  “I never before saw so perfect a  specimen of  forest scenery.”  What do you think?


Sweet and delicious – wild berries, forest clearing, Sri Lanka.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Post – Nature Part II, Inanimate (So-called)

    • Aint it just? It’s so easy to understand why/how it inspired the earliest religions – awesome, inspiring, nurturing … Glad you enjoyed the forest (and a tiny morsel of wild berries?)

  1. I think that idea of ‘inanimate Nature’ just reveals human arrogance.

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