Reeling from Intergalactic shock, TWLG Accepts Versatile Blogger Award Nomination

Reeling from intergalactic shock, The Wanderlust Gene is thrilled and proud to announce she has been nominated to display the grassy green logo of the Versatile Blogger Award.

In the few short weeks since she became a blogger, TWLG reports she has begun to learn new things about herself, all thanks to her pastime and the necessity to learn the jargon and geography of the internet, that brave new world of  international connectedness.  One of the things she’s  learned about herself, she reveals,  is how disconnected she had become since leaving the mainstream workforce, and how desperately she wants to catch up with everyone out there.

“Imagine my shock when I learned this morning that a person I’ve never met has nominated me for the Versatile Bloggers Award.”, she said.  “I was, am, quite literally flabbergasted.  Thank you Mira Goes to Market, I’m thrilled, and moved by your compliment to met.”

Ms TWLG continued, “meeting my new ‘friend’ was one of the highlights of a day full of discoveries about myself and this blogging life.  It was a day which started with a photograph that caught my eye, a blogger’s question that fired my imagination, and culminated in the production of a post right out of left field.”  Along the way, she reveals, she took a journey of discovery following a labyrinth of links so deep into the heart of the WordPress computer network that she feared she might never be able to retrace her steps, or map the discoveries she had made along the way.  One of those discoveries, she recounts, was Mira Goes to Market.

Here’s what the happy blogger had to say.

“Mira writes about the markets of the world – a concept so succinct, and yet so filled with potential for exploration it took my breath away.  When I found myself at her site the other day it was as if a flash went off in my brain, for I love markets.  I’ve been hooked on them from the first time I saw one, in Barcelona, at the beginning of the summer of 1972.  The Pound having crashed spectacularly while I was crossing the line en route from Cape Town, I was beginning my trip with barely a penny left in my pocket, and was looking for food – good, cheap food.  I was bowled over by what I found behind the heaving bustle of the market and can’t wait to wander deeper into Mira’s lovely site, where she examines the history of food and society through the medium of  some of the worlds great markets.

The rules of The Versatile Blogger Award confirm that a nominee for the  Award is deemed to have achieved this distinction, and is thus granted the right to display the Versatile Blogger Logo.  Further, nominees must thank their nominators, including a link to their blog, and, in turn, nominate fifteen other bloggers who, in their opinion, are worthy of becoming part of the Award fraternity by virtue of the quality of their postings.  An important part of this nomination process is the inclusion of blog links.  The final duty of award recipients is the ‘acceptance speech’, where seven facts about themselves must be divulged to readers..

 TWLG welcomes the opportunity to nominate the following blog

And divulges seven personal facts:
  1. I have a ‘thing’ for India, but sadly it’s now almost fifteen years since I was last there – some responsibilities and a little detour to Sri Lanka have changed the course of my life.
  2. Whenever I’ve come through a crisis I crave a dose of Venice.
  3. Where once I couldn’t be tempted into eating green things, I now can’t get enough of them.
  4. No material gift I’ve ever received has given me more pleasure than the 2-book set of the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary my ex-husband gave me.
  5. If I were to lose one of my faculties, I’d least miss speech and most miss hearing.
  6. I’m frustratingly right-handed, and unilingual.
  7. If I were never again to travel beyond this room, I would still be excited by life  if I could learn new things.

16 thoughts on “Reeling from Intergalactic shock, TWLG Accepts Versatile Blogger Award Nomination

    • Strange, isn’t it? I used to think it was sight … My success is filling me with anxiety as I try to accomplish the technical things like linking, and pinging????:) But thanks for the encouragement.

    • Well … some gals like diamond rings, some used too be into mink coats, me, I just can’t get enough of venice:) And having managed somehow to get there, whatever’s ailed me just d i s a p p e a r s 🙂

  1. Congratulations! Truly honoured to be on that list!
    Seems like we have a few things in common! I would hate to lose my hearing as well (am half blind anyway) and I totally empathise with that craving for Venice!

    • I consider myself lucky to have stumbled (for that is how my bumbling around was in the first weeks) across your blog when I first came to WordPress, and have been following avidly ever since. So glad we have something other than wanderlust in common:)

  2. Congratulations TWLG for being nominated the Versatile Blogger Award!!! I have been enjoying your posts and photos very much! Thank you, thank you for nominating lifeisanexquisitejourney for the award as well. I am making my way around the site and only wish that I had more time to write! Can’t wait to share the news with my other followers! Hugs!

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