Weekly Photo Challenge – Arranged

 The Contestants:

  • Two flower arrangements.  Both photographs were taken here in Sri Lanka, so they fit the ‘my environment’ criteria.  In addition, the intent to give pleasure is undeniable.  I must nominate the more elaborate of the two, I think, because it is somewhat incongruous in its laid back tropical setting, which makes it a little ironic  – and that too gives me pleasure.
  • Two Snouts in a Row – how I managed to get The Girls to obey me as I arranged their positions in profile I cannot imagine, but perhaps they understood it would give me pleasure, and indeed it did, and does, and of course it was shot here in Sri Lanka.

Arranged in a Row - The Noses Have It

  • Lastly, there are two compositions where several individual elements are arranged to make an aesthetic whole.  The more colourful of the two is one that got away (well, it was just too expensive for me) when I stopped off in Dubai on the way to Switzerland a few years ago.  The other, which I bought in Viet Nam, has lived with me everywhere I’ve lived ever since, and in either its vertical or horizontal arrangement, gives me enormous pleasure.  All sentiment aside, I think this is my nominated image.

Ten small images arranged in two rows

In Buderim I arranged the images into two columns

An arranged corner beside the stairs where I always like to arrange some flowers to bring out the colour in the ten small images arranged in two rows.

  • Oh dear, I can’t omit Massimo’s Soft Cheese Salad with Balsamico Jelly, arranged with such joi de vive (whatever that is in Italian) and lightness of touch on my last evening in Venice.  That he didn’t stop pouring the Prosecco all night attests to a personal intent to please a departing “regular”.   While Venice might not be of my immediate environment right now, I know I’d enjoy every mouthful of it right this minute.

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  1. Love all your photos they are a great selection for the topic, I have to say though, the dogs are my favourite.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for following, I’m following you right back and looking forward to more posts


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    • Victor, I’ve just figured out what that message was all about – how very nice of you to ping (?) me. How did you do that?:) I’m being a bit challenged, the last few days, by Dr. Tech, so I apologise for not responding earlier:)

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